Saddam Hussein, Stalin discussed on The Frankie Boyer Show


So that we will have an insight into some of the terrible feats of men from our past mussolini stalin mao hitler what's so interesting is that they were very much into poetry literature were you shocked by that not i wasn't so shocked by that maybe i i was shocked to the extent to which they did and and i was very surprised i mean a lot of the dictators of the past were highly educated you they could speak multiple languages and but what kind of surprise me it wasn't just they were they were very obsessed with the pilot of literature i mean if you think of every dictatorship they control the written word so they were very very concerned about again control and and being used by people who didn't approve of i think what what surprised me was the extent to which they themselves had kind of dabbled and writing poetry or even novels and different things surprised me so you know saddam hussein a romance novel mussalini start a cool romance novel and franco spanish dictator kind of war story so quite a lot of them would balance their political writings with this you know in various comas creative writing no one would think if they were so knowledgeable and so smart in so educated what happens to the tell us about the the mechanics of the brain that you have these in many cases brilliant minds and yet i think kata me i mean it just doesn't make sense upping that's disturbing about when when i was researching this is i guess some of these people were the beneficiaries a very good education or even religious education so stalin was trained in a seminary.

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