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Everybody's evacuated a star for strikeforce report when ready should girl sees keough out in the field everybody's supposedly evacuated and she's just like oh so nonchalantly just like walking. She's not running. she's not frightened. She is just like having a little in in the field. Yeah yeah so. He goes out to meet her and she says he's like what the hell are you doing here. And she says. I had to see you. Thank you and they go inside so i guess i guess they are a couple definitely if she just had to. Yeah you're not feeling it. I just like the whole her like walking around the field disbelief piss me off and like what are you doing like this in real life situation right here. You dumb broad like what. Are you just walking around flowers in the you not hear the alarms going off in the tanks and the guns and the fire. She's just like a. Oh hey i had to see you like oh my so it will. I wrote down this question. I'm afraid asks so honeybee when the shit hits the fan Are you gonna come find me when when this happens. Yeah ship course. You know as calm as humanly possible. I'm just gonna walk around and wait for you to spot me in an in the field and to run in and say what are you doing here. It's so dangerous. And i'll say i just had to see you and you'll say thank you thank you. Now let's get inside dahmer. That's into no so the first strikeforce reports that they're ready opened fire. Shoot up the mountain lot of lot of shooting up the mountain. The volcano guy tells us eruption is imminent. We must evacuate. Let's pull back to the ridge at koussa's sedentary and bang bang shoot jeeps and cars pull bat bang bang. Some more spent a lot of time shooting up the landscape and then the second strike force and they opened fire and they shoot up the depression zoned from which rodin emerges there is an eruption. There's lot of lava romance to romance fly around and then It's not clear to me exactly what happened to them. But somehow this is all has an adverse effect and one of them lands and sort of flops around near the lava. Yeah go ahead. Kiosk say keough gets upset as she's watching. This is pretty brutal. Yeah and then. The second rodin hovers over i and is dead. Yes it's burning the second one catches fire and rises up a little bit before it falls and that was really harsh and then and the music even music that they're playing in during this moment is like super sad and like we i was like why are we so likes said that. I don't know i was like this is a very movies monster struggle that. We've the movies telling us that this is tragic. Yes then the army's told to stand down return to your home meets the burning rodin flops around a bit more or and then rodin die. Everybody cry the eggplant. Guess i guess maybe all the shelling sort of injured them while they were underground unclear. Because it looks like they burst out and it looks like they're gonna save and then just being the lava really say and then flop. They just flopped around. Maybe the fumes from the overcame them. I don't know yeah. It was very unclear. It's kinda weird. I also wrote down <hes> if you've ever seen mulan you know there's this line where he says were. Mu shu says chicken boy say that to my face you limp noodle and the and so i wrote that down as rodin rodion voice chicken boy see that to my face you limp noodle was weird. It was weird and just like or them them just flopping around in the fire. I was like okay. That's what the end but you still liked it. I did like it. Yeah i mean. I especially coming out of the last two movies. Which was the the hollow mountain and on a tarantula tarantulas.

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