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The fifteen seconds guiding journal Chan ignition sequence spence nets three to one space. Neal's good hello again and thank you for joining us on this. The two hundred and fourth edition of the space nuts podcast. It's great to have your company yet again and joining me as always is professor Fred. What's an astronomer at large for Ed? Good I might ask and that was pretty. Ordinary is terrible. It's something that non native could really handled. So you can always pick a feick but Yeah I I do it again today. We've got a couple of launch stories to talk about the involving space x and Virgin One that may or may not happen and my own mind have happened by the time people of her podcast and the other that did happen and then it didn't so we'll talk about that. A new planet formation has been discovered by the The the bail t sandwich telescope Or The veil take as we call it the very large telescope. And we've got a couple of questions one about redshift. And we've got an audio question from Giuliano in Wellington New Zealand which will get stuck into soon. I like his question because it does bring up some philosophical concepts in terms of intellectual Or extraterrestrial intelligence finding us and we have talked about that before in terms of how would the world react if they discovered tomorrow that there's extraterrestrial life intelligent life but what if they found us? I is what we're GONNA be talking about today. So we got to tackle all of these questions and situations on space knots. So let's start off with space x Fred They rum basically gearing up for launch. This week which may or may not have happened by the time people are listening to this podcast and I think the problem they facing at the moment is weather. Exactly right unders. So yeah we we kind of hope guess. Both you and I are hoping that this is redundant information. By the time the podcast reaches the if let's one of the two pillars of act have raisin obeying adequacy and redundancy shape by the ton. Well well for redundant anyway so Story well with covering from where we sit at the moment Less than twenty four hours before the launch. It's very exciting. We have the first crude mission from the United States since the space shuttle to US astronauts banged and Doug Hurley and a US built by craft. A SPACEX FALCON nine is the the launch vehicle and crew dragon is the capsule will carry these two astronauts into orbit and of course it will be launched from pad thirty nine to cannot whether the five on the shuffles left from so a big moment in space history. And I am excited about it. I think many people a it it. It's not just about national pride The fact that the American astronauts have had to use of the Soyuz shuttle service spacecraft for the last nine years to to get up and down the space station. That of course is something that quite keen to move away from just to give more flexibility as well as anything else but It's also cheaper. It's SPACEX can do it. Cheaper than most cosmos can do buy quite a significant margin It's not a cheap trip to bit Andrew Have you got any ideas?.

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