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So yeah just kind of in the sense of can you really like carry a conversation in that case? Yeah, definitely. Okay. So Spanish. German, yes re and Mandarin. Well like very basic though. I mean, I remember when I was in China, I I tried to learn as much as possible. But the quality of teaching there isn't quite the same as what we're used to so it was harder to pick up and I didn't even try like writing it because even that takes them years to learn how to do but walk Could haggle if I wanted to because it's very popular there. I could give the taxi driver directions and I could answer the phone and say basic things like please leave the package down stairs or and stuff like that and I got quite good Amber's that's nice. You can get by, you know, if you're especially traveling there on like a trip. Hm. Yeah and then wage inside the Arabia. I tried learning Arabic but that was really hard like and most of the things were in English anyway and everyone seemed to be able to speak a sufficient amount of it. So it wasn't really necessary. But there was originally my plan that I learned how to say basic things..

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