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Country and Canada and even though he had lots of success with salmon friends. Jim Wasn't in convinced the puppetry was for him. He went on a wanderlust to Europe. And there he was inspired by the puppet theatre he saw he recognized the puppetry had the potential to entertain. Everybody not just children whose during this time that he met Frank Oz the voice behind Yoda and miss piggy and Grover Franken. Jim were dear friends for the rest of Jim. Henson's life in nineteen sixty nine. The Children's television workshop shop sought out Jim Henson for new production. They were creating to help children who didn't have access to preschool. Learn basic skills through public television and Mr Name Sesame Street was born and the rest could be history. But Sesame Street endures to this day with many of the characters created literally crafted by the hands. Heart of Jim Henson. He played kermit. Ernie Ralph the dog guys Miley Dr Teeth and many many other characters. But Jim Henson's still wanted to entertain everybody not just kids. His lifelong dream of a TV show made with puppets but geared towards an all ages. Audience audience came to fruition in the first ever season of Saturday night. Live New York. The Frank is Jim Henson created eleven.

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