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And now, we're adding them to the online store c-can added those to your order, if you buy an individual, vinyl, whatever you want, you know. Good stuff. We're going to get into some some some baggage here. Oh, let's get. Let's get some some some actual product here to product we can go back and forth between the screen and that, but so Garrett if you to talk about what what these do. Oh, yeah. This is cool. These are fun when we were doing the best and we opened up the shop. These were my these are my favorite actor favorite thing that we made. This is for when you make a when you put on record. This is the thing you put underneath the album. So that it doesn't get all fucked up. Any sleep have so many that you can have some of these, you know, when you're sitting there, and you know, you take your vinyl off, and it just sitting there you want it to look cool. So here you go you can you can pick between the main or eighty one twenty three or give both if you're feeling crazy. Yeah. You wanna be a DJ and have to turn tables. Yeah. Slipknot? No, no, nothing to do with Slipknot. But slips Matt slip, Matt. Yes. Yeah. Like a man named Matt. So he doesn't slip. Small Matt for a man. And then next I believe this is the bags so we have two bags. We have eighty one twenty three tour duffel bag, and we have an m logo duffel bag is as well which is perfect for weekend. Getaways short little trips you can fit quite a few things in here. Cat small dog. You can put more bags in your bag Ken says, and they are great. They're very nice may. Well, they have tags. It's great stuff. Yeah. Bags so all of this have available on eighty one Twenty-three tonight tonight, and you can go to the main band dot com. And it'll take you. Not now. But tonight, yes after John Jared play coup stick men Garrett and come back, and we will announce it tell you when they're when they're on their live. So yeah. John Jerry income hop on played two songs. She guys and. Thank you guys for watching. And for if I if you've ordered a record or you're thinking about it, or you're not going to just if you listened to the record, you know, us we we do everything on our own from having a pop up shop too. Everything we do. So it means more than you have. No like, literally getting something as possible. So thank you guys. The best check and your bad hear some tunes about to here. Two acoustic tunes. Give us one second. Why we set this up? So we'll be. Backing up to no good. That's what's up kings of QVC. This just damn we got some van mo- notifications here. Breaking news here soon requested four dollars and twenty cents for emotional damage, which we will be paying. From the band account, not from my personal accounts. Personally account. I've made so far over a hundred thirty thousand dollars. Thank you guys so much Elissa Johnson requested a dollar for pain and suffering. I don't know. I thought I put it on private. We got some hackers out there. This is really interesting. Yes, I'm paying you back. Every anybody anybody who's paid me? I'm paying you back except for Amy 'cause you paid me a cent, and he said shave your mustache, Denise said, don't shave the moustache. It's a trap. And I will heed that advice unless we are over one K on the Facebook livestream, it appears as though we're not we're hovering around six hundred if we can get those numbers. Scribe hit heart hits his subscribed. Mash that subscribe, we're on twitch. Yeah. I do. Adding to you from my own person from here on out everybody that subscribes and likes. We will be donating nothing to you. But our love and our appreciation. And our song. So without further ado. What are we doing? Do the student new one? Ooh.

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