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Is brought to you by the Auto Club of Southern California from the Southern California to enter dealers Traffic center. We make it easy. It's a trouble spot on the 1 18. That's a 1 18 westbound located at San Fernando Road in Tacoma. This is a reportedly a overturned trailer that's walking the off ramp that's causing the trip to backup to Glen Oaks Boulevard, heading to commerce to a stall on the South. Downside of the five just before the 7 10. There's a stall that stuck in the center lane and looks like your trip this slow from the 60 K Find the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball over the 57 60, you better Well, it made us fight a little while ago were around. They used to change right now, but the South 57 leaving Diamond bar. Up and over. The operator can not do a pretty good shape. No morning adventures for you. It's It's broken along, Corporal Angel. Fine. Everybody's fine. If you do choose the westbound 60. Now from that point from Diamond Bar over 2 to 605. It's a little slow here and there, but basically a pretty good driver. He's outside looking good. Now. Speaking of East L. A. There's a little bit of an issue a little bit north of these Stella and changes where the West 10, San Bernardino and North Wanna one merged together at the tunnel more on the westbound, 10 sided lupin of a right shoulder problem. Is causing some delays coming in from the East. All energies, no question, but to the one on one what you north of the four level things are really good. Good speeds injured in an accident is a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Chef are okay. And if I in this guy If I traffic is sponsored by eye accident lawyer dot com Defying the sky helps get you there faster. I'm sore and Crump settlement alert. 3.395 million for motorcycle victims suffering severe injury. The left ankle rip fracture Injury to go.

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