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Carl Guarino is president and CEO of Silicon Valley leadership group which opposes the idea. Every societal problem. No matter how compelling requires another tax on hardworking California's in sometimes we just asked to know that a worthy cause is not necessarily worthy of one more tax on consumers. It's estimated that the new surcharge would raise about forty five million dollars a year, a CPA you see. Report argues that the new charge would make up for shrinking revenue from current tax on the Tele communications industry, Margaret caro-, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio twelve nineteen now on KNX a very tense day at Cal State Northridge today, the threat of deadly violence caused a campus shut down there were two threats against Cal State Northridge both in writing both claiming that there would be a mass shooting today on campus at foresee son to scrub this morning's scheduled start to the fall finals, I can't say whether it's serious or or prank. I mean, I'm putting faith in our law enforcement. I let that I'm making misclass-. You know, I got finals one student who did show up for a pre final lecture class and on the investigation. See sons police chief now says she can't rule in or out the credibility of either of the two shooting threats were still investigating and I expect that that's going to be the case for a bit. My messages don't mess with. There has been an extraordinary police presence such a stark contrast, given the fact that the. Campus is empty. No students at Cal State Northridge Craig finger KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Hawaiian officials expected to discuss findings of an investigation into a man's escape from a psychiatric hospital last year. The man called the taxi that took him to the airport where he took a charter flight to Maui and then a commercial flight to San Jose. He was finally captured day later Stockton. He was sent the hospital in one thousand nine hundred eighty one after being found not guilty by reason of insanity for killing a woman twelve twenty on KNX final hour of the trading day. On Wall Street. Let's get a check of your money. Again. Here's Frank Motech. Our in the spotlight has shifted to Britain, the British pound of one of these strongest major developed market currencies today advancing on expectations at the British Prime Minister, Theresa may would survive vote of no-confidence over her leadership of the conservative party in England and her leadership of the Brexit process. Voting got underway after the London market's close and results now are expected within the hour. Possibly after the close of our. Market's at one o'clock news report suggested support for may is growing which has helped the pound versus the dollar today. The stock market's been in rally mode on that the news as well as the signals regarding U S, China trade the downs been popping right out of the gate of more than four hundred points right now up to forty two here just before the closing bell here in the final hour trading. Nasdaq is up ninety seven and the s&p five hundred twenty six we check money twenty and fifty each hour. Frank Motech from the HMO has capital money desk. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a local startup rocket company with big plans for launching the Pacific tonight. We'll tell you more about that in just about ninety seconds each twelve twenty one they made entry into the mortgage, newsprint devastating. As the story unfolds, sir. Returns to normal. Just so blessed. Because we live here too. So feel really lucky annexed ten seventy NewsRadio depend on. I'm Jay Farner, CEO.

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