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I'm not too sure in the venue or date or anything yet, but in December. It is. Have, no. Why not? I bring a crow in Dolan also. No problem. I lo- fight and Arden love marriage people in and it's going to be a good night. It's gonna be a good night. Now. What about staying at this way class? Yeah. You wanna stay really christia. So you've done at one forty? Five non don't say don't. Okay. Never. Never don't. I'm gonna. I'm definitely going back to forty five, but for now. But for noise this my next. I'll see sale do play by ear, but my next waco's move as Milosevic than I'm STAN. I'm gonna work. Okay. So it is making Harker while wanna become world champion. It wasn't difficult was not. Nothing's easy. Nothing's easy. So it isn't, but it's doable. Do the bullets move but you doing so well, one forty, five. Why go through the stress of having to cut the extra ten pounds because I'm I'm young. I can't do it. Okay. When I get the twenty four twenty five probably won't be able to do it then. So I'm to be combed Bonte my chomping then when I'm unable to make to me, I wanna balk by okay, become the one forty five point in and then maybe even later twenty twenty nine thirty. I could go up to fifty five road. So that's that's my plan. So there was no part of you that thought maybe I too much weight. I wasn't as quick. No, whatever the case may be felt great. Yeah, there's not. I'm not Joe excuse no excuse. He set me. Nope. He sent me a brilliant on the fee caught me at lovely won't too strict on the middle actually thought he was going for hook and I went like this because I thought it was going to come around. And as I went like that, he just coming inside in company just straight up here and I was gone. I was gone. I don't. I shot in after after the but I don't even remember then he kicked me to the fist, but I was I didn't even see that thing. I was gone. So I was gone completely. I didn't even see. Didn't even know. He kicked me until watch the video while so I was gone, fair folks him. And when you watch that video, you said you watched one hundred five hundred times whatever it is. Like, what? What is it do inside feel like, yeah, makes me feel absolutely sick. Why did he watching it so I can learn from? So I can become world champion, and that's exactly what I'm gonna. Do you see new things every time you watch it and it must piss you off, right? How could I let this. Happen. Why did I do? I let second. Then I figure out hardy fix it and my mind going, I should have rather than go on box. Why did I say I should have done that? And that's that's what world champions through exactly what I'm gonna do and a world champion is what I'm going to be Mark me words on it. I'm going to be a world champion, so I'm whatev- dreamed of what I'm going to be. It's what I'm working towards. Unim- knock when he saw up until it is in people going, this is going to finish him. That's him. Don't know ma'am, twenty one years old on the twenty one years old. These people are saying, we're drinking cons of beer living in their minds business, the twenty one years old. You know what I'm saying? Nothing's going to stop me Earl, I, I'm, I'm better than the. I'm better than that. I'm looking forward to going back in into the gym, improving the people that believe in it. Right. I'm not here to prevent one wrong. Never have been. Never will been. Then people don't modern me so they don't the people that have a rowing me moderate to me when when my family when my team or my coach comes to me and says, says something that means no, like don't in..

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