Mcgregor Holloway, Ferguson, Brian Ortega discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani


Okay which which is the one you wanna see more now gone to your head mcgregor holloway or d as mcgregor whereas ferguson that's a good question is that in play would want to detach over agrout holloway a 155 a this i i i wanna see a holloway edgar mcgregor ferguson wow so you're picking neither no d as no holloway for mcgregor you're picking ferguson ferguson okay i am i'm pretty happy with that i'd rather see holloway at forty five then 55 wanna see how we fight out but now you know once what let let's see what happens between brian ortega and cup swanson afford take a win said changes things but you know we're starting to get to the point where you can make the case that like hallways on the verge if he beats edgar of cleaning out the division on the verge of swanson beats ortega who else there yet but you fight them again does that mean though mcgregor cleared out the division 'cause he be uh holloway it's a few years ago like that that that doesn't hold water for me there's guys that i would see who holloway fight again cartilage on us if on it i was longo chirs and i would long as as as okay let's as like a the okay hold amac solely line in 2013 hold on let's let's look this up cobb swanson ricardo llamas cable who it were i'm just recently out there yup.

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