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39 Last night, Dan Hampton at Obradovich and Glenn Kozlowski. We're on the radio here. Dissecting the bears and getting very aggravated. You wanna hear a little bit of what went on here late last night? It's always fun to hear those guys. And that's the only thing good about the Bears Losing these guys become or entertaining. Here's ah little bit of cattle brand a bitch. You think these people are stupid and dumb. And they see what Maggie is done. They saw what he did all last year when we went 88 and what they're doing this year. This is a problem. Pace and Maggie and I said it last year. I said it this year and I'll say it again. They have to go. You gotta clean house. Hmm? Yes. He didn't sound all that upset. Well, wait. There's more. Yeah. Standby. Oh, my God. You mean to tell me That you can't find money You call commit one reception for seven yards. You can't find him. You can't find money. You can't find Alan Robertson. You can't find Miller. You can't find these guys and 60 minutes of football. You can't score a touchdown in the last two games again. Eight quarters. Not one touchdown. You hear the breathing, Get the more things number yet. City that steam killing out. I'll be Yeah. And the more labored breathing. Uh, Here's what one more from last night's broadcast. I understand covert 19, etcetera. Whatever have you, but teams are coping with it and working with it and winning with it. We can't Even convert a third down. We can't go 10 yards and it's a fact folks. Just look at the stance from Game the game. The game. Our offense is almost dead last in every category again. Hampton of Renovation Kozlowski, one of the on again Tuesday night. That will be next next week by week by week. I don't think we have a shot. I'll check that real quick, but they're normally Tuesday nights, 7 to 10. London here. Those guys, man, they are at their wits end. Brad of which would have been a good I think maybe high school coach, don't you? Thank you. Scared the kids a little bit, but he's uh, he's still thinks and sounds like a young guy. I I think he would have been a good high school coach. I don't know if Ed ever coached. I do think that Today where you have to manage the parents when you're high school. Never mind. I'd like to see that that meeting when the dad shows up to talk to the coach about how he's using it. Tell him what to do. Oh, man. Hey, I saw that Josh McCown, uh, signed with the Houston Texans, and I didn't realize this, but he originally he's from Texas. And he lets see he when they were an expansion team in 2000 to Houston. Um Josh McCown had just wrapped up his college career at Sam Houston State, and he wanted to play for that new franchise. But he was drafted by Arizona, and McCown now has played for nine teams over 19 seasons. And so now he's the third quarter back on that team. I actually haven't with a few more teams than that. Is that right? Yes. Including the Bears. He was here for a few years, but he's 19 seasons. Yeah, I mean, he's lasted and Sometimes. I mean, he's been a starter at times, but he's mainly been a backup. And hello. He's It's a long career. He's 41 now. That's incredible. Yeah, so Well, we'll talk to Paul Sullivan later this morning from the trip. He's got the page one story about Theo Epstein and also we'll hear a little bit of what Theo had to say on the marquee sports network, too. Cole Wright, who hosts the Cubs, pregame and postgame shows will talk to cola's well all that coming up after seven o'clock today. And by the way, Hampton will be not on next week. They get a bye week also which I think they need. Yes. Yeah, Z good to hear. It's almost 6 44 right now, and we'll get the.

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