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And bill interior and I'm choking to death how are you. and do you need the high look Steve I do. and it's not just an excuse to get you to hug me. you don't need it for that. five times going just said we've all got very little chance of surviving the weekend yeah all right dag optimist I add stuff to that that's what I heard in the segment no that's what he said word for word. and what he has done it I saw Auster lives on way yelling me right sauce is coming on with this whole Alice you demo V. Saul Austerlitz no. the other one yeah the guy who has the same name is Olaf who is all US troops for the people that don't I mean I well everyone but for the others he's the author of the book about generation friends how friends changed the world I love friends the cashier says show did you see that the CNN doc the end of the twenty fifth anniversary docket writ disappointing was like yes how come all stuff you know yes something new but also they didn't cast on which seems to be kind of important Sunday night WGN TV has a special on as well yes friends shaped our television world favorite friends episode all time. I got it right here you want to do the Joey and Ross nap episode where they actually take a nap together in these random rest of the episode trying to figure out Joe we try to get Ross to do it again he's been trying to get Dave to do reenact I've slept together okay well it's bill cal now he's trying to get bill lived I guess we weren't sleeping. those are fellas. will be back tomorrow we're gonna be live at Merion joy tomorrow to celebrate all the success they have is one of the great Rio facilities in the country I guess to be doctor Kevin most you're from others yes you're very soon yeah he is I like tennis these cell Austerlitz these all lawsuits coming by because every Friday comes in for a little tune up I did add that tomorrow avenir doctor must go check day for me yeah and we're gonna get Steve semi visible rehabilitation to mental we have a physical Monday to act have one tomorrow also yes yes it's about a if we know you enjoy it. not really. hadn't caught his wedding Chicago stories told twenty four seven on seven twenty WGN Chicago if you're smart speaker user just a play WGN radio and tune in news sponsored by America's bath dot com at ten OO three years Jan de salvo it seventy three degrees under mostly cloudy skies at o'hare airport authorities in northwest Indiana are investigating a hit and run crash were car slammed into two pedestrians early this morning WGN Pam Jones has the story it happened outside of the long shots bar in the twenty five hundred block of Indianapolis Boulevard and sheriff bill police say a vehicle hit too pedestrian sometime around three twenty AM and left the scene one of the victims refuse medical treatment the other was transported to an area hospital no vehicle description yet and no word on the condition of the second victim Pam Jones WGN news could Saturday marked the last races at Arlington racetrack WGN's Ryan burl tells us what's going on the Illinois racing board has threatened to deny Arlington international racecourse racing dates for twenty twenty unless the owner Churchill Downs commits to racing at the track through twenty twenty one the thread was leveled at Tuesday's meeting the board will be back for hearing September twenty fourth and says it will appoint a three member committee to listen to any new proposals Churchill may have to offer the announcement comes after Churchill Downs announced it would not apply for a casino license to the northwest suburban track under the terms of a new state law right per of WGN news New Jersey high school wrestling referee Alan Maloney able server to season suspension for pressuring a varsity wrestler to cut off his dreadlocks in December Maloney told Andrew Johnson he would have to forfeit a match it is dreadlocks weren't covered and Johnson couldn't find the proper here cover so he had his trainer cut his hair implicit bias training for officials and staff involved in high school athletics across the state is now being implemented in New Jersey the trump administration which is repealing California's right to set its own higher emission standards for vehicles says only the wealthy want energy efficient cars his administration says they're helping auto manufacturers make cheaper options but critics say the. president is playing up to big oil Elaine Chao secretary of transportation said this morning the rule will not force automakers to spend billions of dollars developing cars that consumers do not want to buy or drive now the state of California is not for this they vow to fight it in court the coastal state is particularly vulnerable to climate change and has had cleaner emissions standards.

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