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So was there any panic? I know like and this is on such a lower scale. But when I'm doing my live shows my life podcast and whatnot. I love doing the show. I hate putting them together because I have ticket anxiety for like weeks leading up to it. It's on my Blake. It's just somewhere in my bra. Rain at all times, especially when I don't even ask what the pre sales are. And then they'll Email and say like, hey think he'd go and do a little more promotion because the ticket sales are this. And I go, oh, it's even lower than I've thought and it always ends up. Fine. Get that's the people come to the door and people like I've never had a show where look at into the audience, and I'm like, oh, this is even every show. I've ever done has been like, oh, this think this is so much better than I thought. But did you have any moments of panic for this show when you're looking at the pre sale? Oh god. Yeah. Because I remember early on, you know, I'm I'm an optimist, but I'm a realist, and my my Booker KM is an over optimistic the point where he's like if we sell out this billing, the gate is like three hundred and thirteen thousand dollars. I'm like, yeah. I don't think they're going to get there by you know, let's let's hope and we set these goals because we've been promoting the show for about eight months. So we're like, okay. Maybe by January three months before the show, maybe will be like fifteen hundred tickets. And we were really at like four. So it's like an animal ahead of Mike. Do I pull the plug? Do. I move over for this. But then part of it if you have if you're running your own thing, and you said the exact same way is there's overly there's always going to be this, overly panic. And then when it happens, you're like, okay it worked out. So I just kind of have to trust in that. And it's like, but I also prepare myself. I always think what's the worst case scenario, and I go, okay that's going to happen. I'm gonna lose this amount of money. So I convinced myself that this is going to happen. And then when it slowly starts getting away from that, I go, okay. Thank god. It's kind of it's over preparation. We could have done away better job. I think we did a really good job and it worked out, but you know, if it would have been a loss, I still would have probably looked at as a success. But luckily, it was somewhat of a financial success. Right. And all you, really. I mean as long as you're not losing money. It's worth doing. I mean, the the idea that you guys are running Alaska has a value in and of itself. Now, I think I think the big. Thing is and I wanna prove myself. There's a lot of other companies out there side of debris that they they may not be doing so well and their budgets may be over inflated. And I think it's kind of alarming and also rewarding that to Gebran wrestlers from New Jersey put together this and put on a profitable show bringing up all their own local talent mixed with a hall of Famer miss with TV talent to Alaska and can turn profit. Why can't other companies do this? Yeah. Know what I mean? Like, so that's kind of there's so many companies out there that have this good exposure, they have a network or they have things behind them. And I guarantee they're looking at their budgets and show after show they're losing money. And it's it's something's wrong with that. So I think what I wanted to prove was that. If you have the right people in charge of things wrestling can be booming and big business. But most the time is not it's not happening..

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