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Four 38. Where we bring you traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to Ian Crawford with this in the WTO P traffic center. Good morning dino, we start in the district with our crash investigation chain bridge road and canal road northwest. It's a crash investigation has been on the board since a little after 1230 this morning doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Lanes are blocked in all directions out boundaries on canal road you're going to be diverted at Arizona avenue in boundaries coming in on the Clara Barton Parkway. You're going to be diverted at the Glen echo turnaround because that really is the last chance to loon for that stretch of roadway. It chain bridge is totally out of the question of your truck coming in from Virginia. You will need another bridge to get across the Potomac. On the rest of the district roadways, we are okay for the moment we check Marilyn the crash two 70 northbound in the locals before 28 exit 6 last report the lanes were blocked. He had to stay with the mains to make your way past and up to rock Dylan had to double back on southbound two 70 to access route 28 to get to Rockville or to get to points west on the Virginia side three 95, the crash was your seminary road over the left side unclear whether it still is, lost cameras on that one. On 95, the work zone, northbound near Quantico, blocks the right lane or at least it did at last report the earlier southbound crash near garrisonville is gone. 66, the long, long set of work zones from about Leesburg pike all the way to subtly road in 5 different stretches of roadway you're down to a single lane of travel and one of them is pretty long it's between nutley street and pharaoh, so about 5 miles of roadway where you're dancing around single file to get through the work zones. East bounders, you'll find the work near 28 centigrade, a left leg gets by 66 express lanes are now requiring tolls that started just a few hours ago, so between 29 and Gainesville in 29, et cetera, the 66 express lanes do require an easy pass or an easy pass flex. Ian Crawford WTO traffic

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