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The other and order some of them on completely false information but all of them antitrump so all of them one way or another design again in what seems like an orchestrated operation against president trump so those are just a few things and you look over your piece keri pickett and based on my own experience kind of leading with my chin here with a few there's been a number of us that have been out in front of the story and getting the crap out of us every day but be improving right every other day is that at the heart of all of this is saul political and it all seems to start with the desire that hillary win the democratic nomination in the belief that she would be the next president and then the effort to undermine an opposition party candidate and and glide defies the courts in the process with her propaganda true sean what we have here on one particular source of my who i spoke to a special agent in the washington field office of the fbi and aid to the daily caller a transcript of the interview with this special agent quote the administration's are so politicized at any time a special agent comes forward as a whistleblower they can expect to be thrown under the bus by leadership go against the muslim brotherhood your crushed go against the clintons your crushed the fbi has long been politicized to the detriment of national security and law enforcement now mind you sean back in october twenty sixteen i spoke to this same source who also spoke to washington field office fbi agents who said at the time member this is october twenty sixteen before trump was elected said that kony stood in the way of the clinton email investigation and just one month later then you had a trump elected and you had an common refrain was oh well it was calling fault because he reopened the clinton email investigation no according to fbi agents they were saying no no komi was actually a sort of helping clinton in a way so it'll be very interesting to see when the report comes out how exactly was coney essentially blocking the the the clinton email investigation in some way shape or form now i mean this is how high charlotte goodson as you look at this can you explain again.

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