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I'm not a big chug her though, that's why I don't like doing like a herd bombs, Frankie, sometimes can choke. Yo it comes out of. No like, I remember there was one time. He he like just got back from college or something and we went to this bar over here. And as a joke. He liked chugged his beer, and I was like, whoa, dude. Like that was like incredible dude was so fast. And he was like he's like, yeah. I was like, yeah. Like how the fuck did you do that? And then he just grabbed my drink like what was left of it? And it was like half a beer, and he literally just threw it down his throat, and I was like, whoa. And then we give them over beers. Here's this. College do for you. You know, who's the best sugar? I know Keith. I wouldn't surprise me. Kid can truck like a motherfucker. It's anything anything battery acid. He would figure it out. Right. You gotta seem struggle beer. Then I can't you know. I'm so I'm like very decent at it. I'm not great. I'm okay juggler. I'm not good. If it's a small amount like like flip Cup chugging fleas. I'm amazing athlete when you go. How do you guys ever do like half Cup flow Cup? Yeah. Yeah. We'd like to gulps who did four Cup flip Cup. One time. And my buddies fourth of July party. No and shit got booking weird, man. Got weird. And I drove home good night. Yeah. Not the safest thing. Yes. It is. Not please. Do not drink and drive. Yeah. No. I think we think did not get singer say you had an idea. And if it comes out after this you stole it that people would hang around like New York City, and you can text them to like move your car. Oh, yeah. If you drove there to take my car home. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But I don't know also be cool to like have somebody move your car. Also, I just wanted you know, because I'll get in hot water with you here. I also had an experience where I I drank and drove and I'll never do it again. No. Because I was it was so. Okay. Not the safest thing in the world. Yes. Please do not drink and drive. I will say just again hot water with you. Thank you. I I I've I've had an experience where I drank and drove. And I'll never do it. Again. I remember because I was at a bar, and I was with discouraged and like we hadn't seen each other in. It's like an old friend of mine. So we were just like drinking at a bar, and I was having mixed drinks. I usually drink beer for the most part. Yeah. But I was having mixed drinks. And sometimes there's like a delayed trigger with them. And I drank a couple, and I lay trigger like, yeah. Like, you don't feel it until it's like it's like having an edible. It's like, I'm good. And all of sudden, you're like I'm fucking. I can't see it's like luth's from like wolf, Wall Street, exactly. No. But there was like a delayed trigger on it. So I was like, oh, I'm totally fine. And then I'll just like it was in the neighborhood. So I could have just walked home if I got drunk, and that's why I drove because I was like it's right here. Like, whatever if something happens, I'll just leave, but I felt fine. So I drove her home. And then when I was driving my cell phone, then it really hit me. And I was like, whoa. And I started to get really fucking scared. And luckily, I think automated home, but I will never fuck into that again. And I mean. Should've scare the shit. Shit is scary like I've driven drunk a few times. And it's just like, please, don't do it. Please don't do it. Especially now do Uber exists. We didn't have growing up like Uber exists now. And you can get any exist short. I decided tradition here it exists. So like, you can get anywhere. You need us for twenty dollars for the most part, and the people that are on patriot on the here.

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