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Francisco leery on on the hill that was one where actually the tigers are about minus one forty got bet down to a virtual money line picking those hector santiago for the white sox in that one alirio is a guy to fade and i certainly agree with that stance so tyler anderson the rockies take on money on saturday so it wasn't just the john gray thing on friday i think it was looking back the rockies tyler anderson is a guy to back right now as well you know they're so bad against right handed pitching this season i think a lot of people again that whole they can't be this bad betting angle that we've seen out there in the marketplace with regularity on some of these certain narratives that are out there but the rockies so bad against righties that you know it it should kind of even out a little bit here for them as they go throughout the rest of the season sunday we saw a little bit of a fate of miles mickle is the pirates blue that game late we were on pittsburgh in that one so tough luck loser there with some money coming against us chessen that was another loser that i had on sundays article not with the brewers did win of it looking at the under because seeming wheeler were two guys that came into this game with really good exit velocity metrics they had done a great job of limiting hard contact seen on the off speed wheeler on the fastball and it just didn't work out and you know that is a thing that happens is that you have two guys who don't miss a taught a bats we learn has a decent strikeout rate but sequencing you'll you'll get this game the teams combined to go ten for nineteen with wires and scoring position yeah you're gonna lose a lot of unders that way it was just one of those things where you know sequencing variance balls in play just happened to find holes it is what it is you know we kind of move on but again we're just trying to use all the information that's there for us and in this instance i o wound up not working out.

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