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Vacationing thirty brown what a Newsday we have for you James Cole me the most vilified man in America out there feeling like he's been vindicated we'll start there lots of other things to talk about though today apparently it who didn't see this headline coming this is actually something we've heard before men are now avoiding women at work another sign that we are being punished for hash tag me to say some critics have banned so we'll talk about that as well and apparently apple is now apologizing for leading contractors eavesdrop on this series is sex recordings yes indeed it is quite the Newsday James called we will get into this as straight off the bat because this is the biggest news story of the day and it's all about Michael Horowitz and the inspector general now you all know what's been going on with James call me the former director of the FBI he is a trump hater he is somebody who had tremendous bias against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton and he was under investigation he wrote the seven members you remember this right he wrote this seven memos after he had these conversations with Donald Trump and he wanted to trigger a special counsel investigation so after he got done speaking to trump he was so alarmed but he went out any typed up a whole bunch of memos about what was discussed and he gave them to a third party who then gave those leaked to them to the New York times and then of course triggered the Robert Muller report now the eighty three page report from the director at the A. D. O. J. inspector general the eighty three page report I comb is handling of the sensitive information released earlier today well they're not going to charge him with any crime now most people who have been watching this thing will tell you the James call me is absolutely guilty but when it comes down to the letter of the law Lee he was guilty of handling sensitive information improperly however he did not leak any classified information so really it's the difference between sensitive and classified information and because it was sensitive but not classified Intel they James calmly walks away the eighty three page report on call me is handling of sensitive information released on Thursday said the investigation found no evidence that call me over his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media now he is still guilty in my opinion that's trying to you Sir the president this really was it is essentially a coup the James call me wet and he's going to get away with it for now inspector general Michael Horowitz faulted call me for his behavior though saying his actions violated department of FBI policy or the terms of call these F. B. I. employment agreement so this guy clearly broke the world see clearly broke the policy of his beloved FBI this guy is as much a truck Peter is you have ever seen and done they DO J. inspector general he absolutely blasted James call me but when it came right down to it when it came right down to the letter of the law did he actually commit a crime no he did not commit a crime they call these out there acting all smug I don't know if you've seen it will get it is some of the tweets dissed certainly people responding and certainly it is way too early for James call ME two tweeting out such smug statements as he did because he said yeah I'll go head to accept apologies now that is not the right way to play this because he is involved in a number of different investigations and and he really is they targeted these investigations or at least very much in the eye of the inspector general and William Barr the Attorney General as described in the report they concluded that Kobe's retention handling and dissemination of certain memos did violate department F. B. I. policies and his F. B. I. employment agreement that's what they're saying but here is some specifics the report concluded they call me fail to live up to his responsibility by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained it during the course of his N. F. B. I. employment see that's what the FBI is all about they're all about security they're all about if you have information that does need to be safeguarded that is their responsibility you did don't take information and then pass it along to the New York times so it seems to me like we're splitting hairs but not according to Michael Horowitz and of course at William Barr they say that by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained it during the course of his FBI employment and by using it to create public pressure for official action Kobe set a dangerous example for the over thirty five thousand for the current two fifty I employees any of the many thousands more former FBI employees to similarly have access to or knowledge of non public information see I see it is this in the F. B. I. right now they have some thirty five thousand employees and coming up through the ranks who knows how many other FBI employees in the future will look at the case of James call me and they decide you know what I want to leak information to the New York times James cold we got away with it why can't I and that is exactly what the inspector general is is talking about Michael Horowitz when he says that he set a terrible example for the other thirty five thousand FBI employees so everybody is reacting to this in Washington DC will continue to follow this story we all know what happened by the way if you are not familiar with the story called the who was fired by trump back in may of twenty seventeen testified to Congress that he gave his notes of conversations he had with trump to his friend the guy by the name of Daniel which meant day a Columbia University law professor to lead to the New York times he said he hoped this would spark a special counsel investigation we all know that it did that lead to the Robert Muller investigation Robert Muller testimony and on it goes but as we all know that backfired on the Democrats will talk about this and a whole lot more straight ahead right here on news and information five seventy KLIF damn medicine for Ernie brown tend to check the roads with Phil Jackson.

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