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Details with the eagles have won Super Bowl fifty two it went for the quarterback the entire season seventy two percent say yes wow then when's when's your answer to that is we would have won anyway I'll be some sports radio yeah I divide that lets them pull out right at their question is can you can only pick one niggles or Carson Wentz brought you by bush auto group eighty one percent say Carson Wentz my record is about to go to one in three I he shot out every fourth day I when I got a good picture there's still time on the line so I just gotta say so before putting on the every simply nothing that I enjoy more or that is entertain B. batter during the pandemic that when NBC sports Philadelphia's website produces robes pan opposite thoughts they are brilliant they are unpredictable and there or drug damage is insanely talented lazy German Reuben Frank road are you guys with a robot later I got a run by your couple of these observations that really blew my mind but let's just start weights versus fault you'll love to false the first time he was here is that right I did I got took so much grief for that yeah I know right so as to how do you feel you know I know I I remember yelling at you quite often but but then he came back and won us the most precious thing we've ever had a sports player tell me how you feel right now about Nick Foles one of the strangest careers and I'm ready guys are talking about this because I think it's a topic that really as sports radio economy Nord really for most of the last decade but he was really one of the strangest careers ever when you think about a guy that's changed teams five times and he never played a full season they never play well eight games in a season he's gotten better and she's gotten traders you know almost retired and your Super Bowl it's like it it's such a it's the strangest career I mean I you know that there's some kind of you know we are quarterbacks have won super bowls you know I mean like how there was anomaly you know Doug Williams I mean this has some other really high points when the guy that threw seven touchdowns against the raiders so unicredit we tell the guy who's never been able to put together a full season and never been able to really establish himself with any team the really really weird story I hope I hope it goes well formed Chicago but you know if he's never he's never really is never been opening day quarterback any work and and still been playing a month later so go woman weirder careers in in football I give me a sense right now for Carson Wentz where he is four years into his career yeah it's I mean I I'm I've never seen I mean nobody's ever seen anything like it I mean the guy the guy wouldn't when the guys healthy I think is a top ten quarterback you know he's in that eight to twelve right now really really good and and I I mean I still believe in I I still it's it's the it's the darndest thing I mean you know the the injury last year I mean you can't be injury prone and get get hit in the helmet and say well he's just injury prone because I'm gonna knock knock anybody out of but but the bottom line is I guess twenty seven he's never won a playoff game me Donovan said one five moon by this point his career yeah and and I don't know I mean I I it's hard to obviously the you know to that another stellar rise but if if Carson Wentz had finished the last three seasons you know horses out here no question about it so I mean the I got to stop you because I actually asked that question yeah I don't either we had Doug Peters out I should play that just so you get a sense because you didn't believe the answer that dog gave you because Doug kind of die me out he said I think you try to try to be there here's what he said what I said would hurt spear of Wentz had stayed healthy if you look at Carson and his injury history he's only missed a game in five in fort but we'll go on our fifth year for games let's he he's he's been relatively healthy and and obviously the it's unfortunate though the way his season ended this past year you know in the playoff game because I truly felt like we had a good opportunity to to possibly win that game against Seattle it's just unfortunate that that happened do you think he's been relatively healthy route three of those four seasons ended with him not available well I wouldn't say he's been I mean you can you can play with the numbers and say he's made in ninety percent of their games or something but well the only way the injuries are happening ended his season so it's not like he's got you know like a a shaving because he's missing a practice the thing you know they got the big guy is not going to see that he's not won a playoff game not finished a playoff game since the first quarter of twelve games and he's you know he's going to use this year so it's disingenuous to say that and I mean let's let's be honest how we said last month you know he Abbas said that Carson's injury history played a role in the decision so of course it did and you know it is there is a point where you got a look at his career and say and I don't think we're there yet but he you know you gotta see can can we can we get through a season with this guy and I think they're getting close to that and yeah you know it's basically found anything both these guys right strange careers weird career arcs that really and and you know so I figured that the best friends right well I'll tell you why it's weird because they put their way this year's together in one of the super ball and that's going to lead me to this I know ally last call wouldn't deal with hypothetical but I'm sure you would grow Wentz doesn't get hurt in LA and finishes out that season but we still have a parade I say yes mmhm I see everything you know about team was so locked in as a team and and it wasn't just you know Necker cost I mean they were both about playing great but I know it was just something special going on that year and at the end it was both quarterbacks in was the defense and their wide receivers making plays and catching footballs which you've never seen one of these parts in decades you know quarterbacks covering guys and and and get interceptions and you know pass rush and and linebackers play well I mean it all came together it is a lot of these guys who never had other good seasons under careers or happenstance and have you got a little league and you know it all came together so and that to me that was a Superbowl team it wasn't just you know obviously Nick did some incredible special things but you know you look at you look at the post season and that was that was a team effort and there's no doubt in my mind that team wins the Super Bowl with that let's you might want to starboard side Denver cornerbacks so who you got here Wentz versus fall two you got no idea you have to take a side it's a debate it's once and for all I'm I mean come on they're both they're both great quarterbacks who had slowed careers and I mean what do you what you asked me who who the eagles should play right now who they are sure they let Nick go to Jacksonville couple years ago I did not I did not do these questions it just says Wentz person I can't yeah to find your herbs I mean they obviously Nick was Carson was the guy to go with for the future just because you know project in the future we mix career so weird that the odds that I love the guy we were my favorite guys ever but he's going to win another Super Bowl you know I mean this I think you know you got this whole world Adam he's incredibly talented he's still relatively young estimate it even even drinks I I need to stop you know you've already taken a couple shots of W. I. P. management I don't want to make it tougher for you I got two things on your observations because this stuff is gold where you're producing air one is I'm talking I didn't actually read it until after I talked to Doug Peters said but I was asking him yesterday what it's going to be like to play in the link with no fans he has we sat it'll be unfortunate because our stadium the link is is what allowed us to the National Football League that I've been you know either the home team more I've been a visiting team coming into and it's tough to play in our stadium with our fans are are are going and and you know it's unfortunate for them because because they're the ones that obviously support and and support our team support our players you know watch the games on television when we're on the road and you know it's it's it's it's tough it's it's the it's the it's the times were in right now and and you know it's unfortunate that were were were here but you know we're we're gonna make the most of it will make the best of it and we're gonna do everything we can to to try to keep the fans engaged in training camp and beyond and then whenever we do get back to football you know well we gotta keep our fans in mind because I I do feel like we have the best fans in the National Football League and you know everything we can do to keep them keep them engage we gotta we gotta do how big an advantage to the fans give the eagles when they play in the NFL yeah and it's you know I I think we we broke down the the home world records of every team and the eagles have I think was the third biggest disparity of home work writers which tells you that the the home field advantage issues forum and I've been to every stadium in the NFL and most of her loud Masoom is that it's a good advantage for the home team but that what happens at the link is special and you know the eagles are there over seven hundred team at home under Doug Pederson and they're they're about a five hundred semen road which is good but that disparity is one of the biggest in the league and that tells you that the cloud is helping the eagles win football games and it's gonna be weird it a lot of different ways I haven't fans there but you know I mean look the eagles they they wanted to buffalo in one in one of the Green Bay and one so they can win games on the road they can win games without the home field advantage but for this team it is it it's a big loss and for us it's a big loss I'm not ready to you know I mean who knows who knows what the landscape is going to be in the fall but if it does happen if that does happen you don't think this team is is disciplined enough to deal with it and get through it but yeah it's it's a big loss for them and for us twenty three.

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