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Like the other professions. The same version of that. You don't have to hit every every little Trimble of an architect. And you just put every detail of the building that you could live every detail. You know, there's artistry in knowing what not. Our street in on. What's what I think? That's also just part of it is that. When the musical competition shows most most of them are but newer young. So they haven't they haven't learned that yet. But then that's that's what's being popularized. Everyone just goes. Oh, that's what it good singer is. But if you listen to like, Billie holiday at a James or Karen carpenter. It's like they don't they're not trying to do all that stuff. Like, you can just you can hear a Patsy Kline has you can hear Dali. Yeah. You can. I mean, one of my favorite videos, and I probably watch it like five times a year from nineteen eighty five. It's Kenny Rogers singing, we've got tonight. So your son than using this massive Arita its peak, Kenny Rogers, and Dahlie, pardon comes in a group, and you know, obviously, Kenny has a great voice, but like he dollar ninety on the same solid system dollars her own. She's ordering around this her. There's there's a wreath. There's like Whitney and. It's just go the thing. That's so fun to watch. And I saw once I've seen in Wilson perform a couple of times. And it's just it's effortless got her and that can be Senate honors with singing Led Zeppelin. Yeah. He's up there just cry. Why haven't away the Russians crashing and all the hats? You know, when they all wear the was in John Bon, and then sends there and then on the course all wearing those hats to wear and then she saying and she just oh my God. I'm getting thinking when you look at her face, and there's no she's just as calm as she's conversation. Yeah. That's a whole other level. She's knows but the Heartbreakers Harper. Talk about heart. Oh. Tom petty. I thought that's the fun. We were. Heartbreaker, as you may Anna Nancy are seeking h other want ANSI was speaking to each other because that hard as life such a..

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