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Action. Not a great start read the room almost takes quill right to the temple. And he's like, hey, listen crazy day, I know you've out here shooting arrows, I was just in the feast that sex is in the air, the musk of love which rocked up and ready to go. And guess what happened Danny the dragon clean is like you wanna be able to. So you can actually be my actual lady. Now what he say, let's get hitching and he goes down on one knee. Does he goes all it as brutal to watch? Agonizing. It's like one of those faked stadium proposals. The ones that were they hire the actors, and they do and the and are is like now being my wife be the way of storms on that was his mistake. I think if he would have framed it. I'm not saying she would have said, yes. But I think if you would have framed it in a language that more evinced partnership and agency and freedom. I think she's still would've said, no. But it wouldn't have been a hard. No. Because I think that lady language is frittering the only proposal that she accepts here is here's a key swing by whenever you wanna fuck, but go do your thing today. Only invitation even accept that one. Honestly, I I I don't need a key to get it on my off. He's also like I got the best of you. And honestly like I was like this is it this is what people are talking about. It's not great. You know, it made me think about the moment when a length. Is sharing her sexual history with Marjorie, and she's saying the only thing he wanted was what I'd given him the night before. Like, that's the vibe you get from Gandhari against if fiend for just ruined him. Yeah. He's other women. He's absolutely decimated. So the other thing is like he really cares about her. It is a very ultimately sweet and tender scene between two people who have great affection for each other and a lot of shared history. But ultimately are not on the same path moving forward. And the thing. That's so cool about the scene is that guess what that's fine, and are is not afraid to say it because that's a choice. She's made the choice to be who she is. She leans down 'cause he's still on on nape. Fucker kisses him, very tenderly. And then kind of like pulls him back up, which is hopefully when he knew that it's like the moment on the bachelor right before the dudes about to take the ring out of his pocket and the bachelorettes like stop Kendra. That was the moment. When injury now is very rough. She says you'll be wonderful Lord any lady would be. To have you. But I'm not a lady I never have been. That's not man. It is a callback to her foundational season one exchange with her father Ned. That's what game of thrones is good at now. Call backs call only Bax this is what I enjoyed when they're talking about brand what brand future is after injury and are asked her father. Can I be Lord? Hold fast. And he says you will marry a high Lord rule his castle on your son's, she'll be nights, and princes and lords what does she say? No, that's not me. And that's an idea that she echoed when she came across Nigeria in season seven and tried to convince nightmare to go north with her. And then realized of course, the wolf her wolf just like aria wouldn't do someone else's bidding anymore and said, that's not you. This wasn't aria in season. One isn't aria. Now, she's not going to conform or live her life based on social norms or with somebody else wants, and this was really refreshing in this episode because. Amid all of the other choices the characters are making..

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