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Oh. A Yankee Stadium complete with hotdog vendors, you know, popcorn. With a hotdog glass of beer. Yeah. You know, what actually I? Out of more serious note. I saw some people, and they were again, they were serious about it that the state of the union, the Trump should do and arena rock style. State of the union. The thing that would really at three in the morning, just ninety minutes of a thread. Yeah. Okay. All right. All right. The problem was he'd misspell one word, and then they would just ignore all the rest of it. 'cause that's normally how that plays out Ryan. Yes. I think the best place would be going to the Las Vegas fully automatic gun range. Hard to hear him though. Well, but you also gotta think. You'd be saving money because flights Vegas are cheap. Well, there there is that should he decide to travel commercial? I guess but. Okay. All right again. I just I I worry about I because I'm somebody who cares about sound surges, basically because what we do here and the constant retort. Of fully automatic gunfire. The background. I think would be distracting. But that's just me. So all right. All right. Thanks for the call her, sir. Ideas. Galore look at that. So I'd like to think that we help that situation out. Speaking of where is this story? All right. Here's some that'll make you feel good. Do you know Tony Beckham is Tony Beckham a former NFL player I played for Mary played for Detroit. I'm trying to remember who else he played for. But regardless doesn't play anymore. Just doing the family thing. Good for him. Himself a fifteen year old daughter. It's a handful. Although, you know, if you're a some ripped former NFL player is this guy is. Are you probably are just waiting in excited for all the prom discussions? You're going to get to have. Very excited about that. Well, so it's it's very it's early in the morning, six forty AM. It's it's essentially what it is right now. And he's leaving us home in Wellington, Florida. That's a very nice area in Florida, by the way. And he saw some movement by the house. He said, I waited for second looked up again. And what do I see I see some dude standing there by my window trying to get in a better position the man described as quote with his pants partially down and. He's busy. If he catch my drift. So that's what this dad sees. It's what happens next that is absolutely positively my favorite part of this story for a second. Look again, looking at and I see a white meal. You know, he's standing Bob and he's trying to get a better position. All right. So you had mentioned that trying to get a better position to stare through his fifteen year old daughters window. Data early in the morning likely. She's getting up she's getting dressed. This guy's getting shell. And he's apparently enjoying the show from what dad's seeing and dad has one initial thought is this for real. I thought I was getting Peng isn't that happened to me? Which I I mean, I get that. But that's not a very good joke. Sir. Right. That's I like, you know, some of the stuff on that stuff on pump to silly humor. But I don't remember them ever putting together an episode where some guy was pleasure himself to the nude image of an underage teen. Right. But that that would be something they'd probably want to put on the air. So it was then that he realized now that's just your standard running the mill pervert, I need to go over and talk with him. Department over there. And we had a good conversation. Wait a second quarter mega department over there. And then we had a good conversation. So what did he trip is that house face got broken into pieces like that? What do you think they talked about what he's he's converse swapping recipes or something? Hey, how you doing? Yeah. So I see you're you're very interested in in my home. Here. Would you like any information about square footage possible layout? Are you an architecture enthusiasts? What is what what was that conversation department over there? And then. And we just had a good conversation. So if you'll get at mugshot, dude, got bruises black I and I understand that the dude broke his face in multiple places, which I'm very excited about I am one hundred percent o k the only sadness that that that. I hold a concerning anything having to do with this story is the possibility that somehow some way this jackass will find a way to file a civil suit for his injuries. I'm sorry to me. You know, I'm sorry to have him because this is the best fire. So are you sorry that you broke his face into a million pieces? I'm sorry. That have me, you know, I'm sorry to have him because he's never gonna do that again on this side of town. No, probably probably not also he's never going to be able to explain it in his original voice. Because I don't think it's face is going to heal into one piece. Messed him up. So that's my I have to feel good stories of the day. That's one of them. The other one is from Kentucky. Fact, let me just pair this because it's nice short story. So these these kids over the weekend because they got a bunch of snow. There's these three kids sitting there. They put together a snowman giant snowman in the yard and. So they go to school and when we come back from school. They come upon a rather interesting site tire tracks running through their yard and directly at the snowman. Now, the snowman's mostly still standing why? Because some jackasses dryness truck sees this giant snowman. And apparently as initial thought is I'm drive my truck through that. I'm a right to this kid snowman because I'm that. I'm a guy who does that. Which by the way, who are you did. That's what you do. Who goes along looking at snowman those kids Bila drive across private property to smash it with my truck. Worst case scenario. He moved the carrot if you wanna mess with them, but you leave snowman intact. But the problem was the driver didn't realize something see the anchor. The snowman was a roughly three foot tall stump of a tree that had been there. Big old tree. No. Yeah. Yeah, switch. They couldn't see because the base of the snowman wrapped around it. Yeah. So think of home, and there's just carnage. So somebody's driving around with obviously busted up front end of their truck right now. The now the stumps exposed, but it says pretty big in it, obviously is not a movable object. It's it's so big it wasn't gonna move on this truck hit it. So that's that's that's instant karma right there. So those are my two favorite stories of the day. All right, six forty nine. We'll come back with more calls coming up next. Hang on iheartradio.

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