Biden, High Patrol, Donald Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Tampa. That accident has the right lane blocked and traffic is backed up all the way to jail. Maybe right now is give yourself a lot of X times you're heading through that area. Also be aware that four High Patrol issued a travel advisory about high winds. You're going over to sometimes Skyway bridge this evening to be careful as you driving over the water. Charles E. NewsRadio Wofl a challenging some record high temperatures once again this afternoon 94 degrees forecast I attempt with partly cloudy skies, some scattered showers and thunderstorms developing late afternoon and evening with rain chance around 40%. Stay and McGee mild overnight tonight. Low temps drop into the upper seventies rain chances a little bit better later on Labor Day with a 50% rain chance sunshine to start high temperatures back in the low nineties. Voting forecast today. In east Wind turning north of 10 Nazis around 2 FT. Just a light chop on the bay. I'm Max Degenerate meteorologist in Oliver. News Radio Pele now streaming on your Amazon echo and over 2000 devices by the I Heart radio ad. And if you want a little live won't come things down. They will take over. They will have one it Biden gets in. They will have one. He's a weak person. He's controlled like a puppet. He's supposed to be protecting this country. But instead he's rooting for chaos and violence. The simple truth is Donald Trump failed to protect America. Help me tax.

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