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Because it's a new beginning. It's a new coach. Nick suryadi is in his by the way. What do you like about syria. Because i always head and say. I forgot that he had the new head coach. Go that your buddies with that. You either pulled off the boat after having a couple couple of beverages. And you're like oh hey we have to go to this business meeting after your afternoon on the boat. Or he's the guy that had like he's just he just seems relaxed and and i know that it's not quite the dan campbell of coaching scenarios. But there's just no why. Thank goodness in philly. You think dan campbell would survive in philly. I don't know if dan campbell can survive anywhere. But i think he's an adventure and i like to choose that adventure or we'll get to he's campbell. He's had any time. That man opens his mouth gem. There's just something about. And i think that this works in philly because it's it's like the guy who just came off the boat and is like super chill gone to the business meeting is going to let it roll a little bit okay. He's still says that. I have basically all the same jobs. I'm still doing the same thing that. When i wasn't a head coach i've just picked up a few new job titles and i kind of appreciate that and i think in a city like philly where there seemed to be a few opinionated fans along the i feel like that is that makes you someone that is A little less susceptible to some of the shots fired okay. I think a lot of times in we can say this as parents right like if you're dealing with someone who is upset and who was raised their volume and it has a problem with something in you. Countered that with low. No you meet them. Lower terrible it sounds like that maybe could be something that serves syriyani well but he's only gonna go as far as jalen hurts. Goes and hurts was a bit of a mixed bag last night. Like this stat. Line isn't gonna jump off the screen. Three of seconds seven four yard his. You mentioned it when it came to domecq jones the yards per pass okay. He's north of seven as well is jalen hurts. You'll take that absolutely absolutely take. That here is hurts himself. We have that. Sal jalen hurd hurts given his own assessment on his preseason debut us new smooth especially being out there with a new seller coaches own. I always talk about having a new situation. Maybe you have new experiences that come along with that and it was good to get on grass on the field with them get coach from him And talk about what we saw on the field. Definitely a lot of stuff we can learn from from the day. Let's be be real with with jalen hurt like the eagles didn't do him any favors with their offensive. Roster management in the off season is still in greg ward is it is a nice find. But he's he's your wide receiver to jalen rigor as wide receiver. One maybe that changes with what has watkins did. But this is a run team. They're gonna use the tight ends. Dallas goddard's eckerd's at i if i'm an eagles fan. I'm a little frustrated. I'm excited about what hurts. Does a full season of jalen hurts. There is buzz. There's momentum were moving in the right direction you would have liked to have seen maybe a wide receiver addition in free agency do those massive swings quite yet. The expectations aren't sky high. It's like you can go out. You can have an eight eight season you can have attendance sixties and you can be improved you can get better and then when we spend the money to bring in those guys now. I expect you to win. And now you've got a season under your belt with your new head coach. The head coach. Keep saying with work on the consistency. Let's work on the rhythm. Let's work on the timing and he has the year to speak that same serianni language. Then we're gonna go out. We're going to spend the money and now we're expect you to win and ten in six isn't good enough anymore. All right well by the side of the. What about the steelers. Ben rothlisberger guy for at least one more season seasonable eighteen. But who's behind him. It's an important question because rothlisberger already played fifteen games last season but to expect that at this level of his career. You wanna have your. That's why they brought in twain haskins and he's competing with mason rudolph has conflict good haskins. His looks good in haskins is sort of been the flashy wine but the contract situation is weird because haskins is on a one year deal approved deal deal and which you're not really going to get a ton of time to actually prove it unless something goes way sideways with rothlisberger which you never know code. There's age and all of that there but mason rudolph is under contract beyond this year. So that's the interesting yeah week. Let's the yeah but right right so the steelers could yet but this only get to stay with mason rudolph and see what we can get and a trade or whatever and then trade away. Yeah no sorry. I did that and reverse. Yes i know which no i since two forty times the brain stops working mandelson's and i think i just reverse that but you know what i'm saying. I do what you're saying. In the the the the fact remains that the offensive line took such a hit Through retirement roster moves injury season ago in the second half of the season. Running game was atrocious and india. They invested in nasha harris for this season like they drafted him in the first round but only as good as his offensive line. We don't know how good the offensive was good enough last night. It was good enough against the eagles. That may not be saying a whole lot. I think even eagles fans would agree. Maybe they're defensive. Line doesn't strike too much fear in the hearts. Well let's hear from mike tomlin. We have mike tomlin on the lessons. He learned from the preseason opener. Listens.

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