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It's it's probably bad to codify law like totals amounts. Somewhere the constitution. I'm looking at right here Ruth. There's a money. There's actually money mentioned, you know, two dollars or something like a fine shall not exceed two dollars or something. Like that. I don't know. And it's like don't do that don't put founding fathers did make a big mistake. They put a dollar amount in the constitution. And that's always a problem. I can't think where that is. Yeah. I'm gonna for something that is shall not exceed or something. It's in here. So find it two dollars used to be real money. That's what I'm saying. I'm marches on you know, let me tell you about Cosmo hurts kids. It's it's great when it individual sees a problem, and then has the courage to take a really strong stand. That's what Victoria I is done. And in her case, it's pretty amazing because her family's corporation, the Hearst corporation, owns Tuzla, politics magazine. And that's what she's kind of fighting against. She believes and so do I and we pointed out many times Cosmo contains pornography, and that's harmful to kids. And so she doesn't want them to have to stop putting it in there. She just wants the state's harmful states material harmful to minor laws applied to cosmopolitan legged his other forms of pornography. And then you couldn't sell it to the kids under eighteen just it makes a lot of sense. It's a reasonable effort to try to help our kids. And when you look at the articles, we just had one the other day that we saw about sex positions. Okay. Really? You're going to be teaching these kids who are buying your magazine all about that. And yes, they do. That's.

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