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Over on the website. Bring you everything you need to know about the old Ling world. I tell you what this bonus material as well, they're, they're really slowed. Listen. Wow. Rickie always wanted to play baseball in the majors. He was playing catch before. He could walk practically lived in the batting cages. He was behind home plate more than he was home and one day after all that hard work be found himself walking into a major league baseball stadium. After buying tickets at the gate, a news bleed seed obscured by a poll, but he was in there. No, Ricky never did play in the big leagues, but he did switches car insurance to gyco proud partner of major league baseball, which saved him a lot. So well, in all things were good. While you're Venice remain perfect after the victory, yes, but we'll have to wait another week to seek Christiana right now those first going and goings being trying. Twenty-three shown seaside yet to result in a single, by the way that's the motion scoring for many plan in Europe's top five leagues. Gunnlaug county. Is this a big deal. I don't think it's a big deal just yet. He certainly came very close to scoring in the last match before this one. Maybe more of a big deal. Is that out of the three performances so far? This is probably his worse. Not that it was a disaster. But he certainly didn't look as bright as he did previously mitigating that obviously get a rather disappointing into the week last week with fifty no-show in Monaco. And now there's a break and smoke. It's games go, he's had longer droughts. I don't think it's, I don't think it's a huge deal at all. Take a look at it cap is the system working with Renou though in it we have cool saw yesterday dash e alongside man's each and Renou that you like this. I like it much better than than Rinaldo playing at centre forward on his own. I think he likes to the problem with the system is that you know there's only one man's Lukic and should something happen to him and it's a long season. He's in his thirties now then then you've got a probably going to have some sort of holder. You're gonna have to plug a leagues and have to come up with something. The other problem with this. Obviously, there's no room for Paolo deba- in the mix. And you know he is the guy who's supposed to be who's supposed to be the future. But for the time being it is probably the most rational way for you to play the on. Sarah told to come on. Some are I show would be reflecting on everything that happened across Europe in need the rest of the world over the weekend. The extra time. Thank you as always feel tweets. The first one is referring to a non Moreno. Three of them which I'm sleeping show. I did see that. Right? Yeah. Five sleep as well fast asleep you are. You're actually on top of the table which seems to be an uncomfortable position and yet, no pro, I was comfortable yet. You've gone. I don't wanna Trump didn't go out laws lawn or anything. Do you don't have to convince us anything. Fertile euro key way because I was watching the game and then like you. We were there for a while as well. He wasn't a power now. No, it was possible ONA. They already one. Sleep you were having your pre game? Yeah, exactly. Free.

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