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To anything with that one or is that just a random number. I just another unit. I was in warming. Gotcha which unions encasing ladies. Listen to him. I saw another one first. Italians read twenty three here on Fort Campbell as well and the crazy being being in Iraq on Fort Campbell. You either them or you. Absolutely hate him. And it's always a huge rivalry so when I left the Rocco bond and got stationed in or Jackson South Carolina. I reenlisted come back or Campbell and I guess branch had a funny anti fewer and they put me in Greece seven instead of one eight seven so very interesting so it's almost like taking you from Louis. One one gang one group of guys to the to the rivals in. Yeah I let let the crypt blood so so so was the initiation the initiation into that if they where you were coming from. I must have been brutal. Actually because my first sergeant there three to seven foot surgeon in one eight seven okay so beautiful yes i. It'll be lucky than good. That's for sure. Nice Nice I. So here's three to seven. Would you rather spend the night in a dumpster or a Porta? Potty was on either way it's pretty disgusting. I'd go with comfort. Definitely go with the dumpster. I feel like some of the places that I've lived in Iraq in a dumpster. So much rather go see nothing would be i. At least you could stretch out right may stink can you? Maybe but at least you could stretch out a little bit right. Organically that there's like no way. Yeah you're GonNa be you got in there in the Corner Party. I guess but both both would be terrible but you pay for show right so last one move onto our standard questions The last point in the book of four thousand two thousand. Would you rather buy an uncooked potato or Brussels sprouts uncooked potato? Without a doubt. I absolutely defied rebel crowd. I like they like mashed potatoes. I like potato like French fries. I like anything Saito Twenty three on that is is my ex-wife wife now. She was so excited. One day I called her and I was like. Hey what's for dinner and she's like oh. I made something that you're absolutely going to love like. She's like Brussel sprouts. Like oh I absolutely hate fossil crowds and she was fired. I thought you loved them and She made she made these broker crowds..

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