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Times it's a give these indiana state representative jim lucas who believes that since the indiana constitution prescribes the people silver rates bear arms that any limitation of that right is inherently unconstitutional i don't see why why were forcing innocent whose is get it fingerprinted pay the state of fee and go through hoops just to get a gun well i want people to go through to get a gun fight is still where every person i got an owner and collector i have a concealed carry i kerry realistically about forty percent of the time it'll carry all the time i feel there's a lot of inappropriate uh to carry i carry where i feel there were no threat uh mike lacoss mike walker restaurants i don't carry all he are are i'll leave it on the truck i am not allowed to carry that's actually a federal i can't carry a firearm in a truck so uh worked for others but uh yeah i i want i to have a background check i i wanted to go have one step farther uh i mean if you have to take a driving test drive a car at the take attached uh if you wanna uh carry terry fire kerry firearm and that i talk to some political friends in our like you know that got to fly will lead with away it is ever was background checks are there are various people that should not be allowed to have firearm i you know i i one of those or if i want to know who owns weapon and i have no problem at all knowing uh who what where where you know uh over that i have a fire that i have a fire uh you know i am a little surprised that there i know you're big carry guy so i thought you would be for this no no i uh i want again there are some people here there are some people there should not halt right to earth possible there start after to own a home and there's some people that are irresponsible they don't have the respect to have a concealed carry fire that matched have a drive in a car same thing absolutely wetering had allowed it's the same for a gun as you do for a car i mean can't they both be construed is deadly weapons well i think we've seen that uh all around the world and he go uh uh jim i.

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