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Seventy communist milestone with Molotov cocktails and face to face combat with police the clashes spilling into neighborhoods across the city really here Sunday with rubber bullets tear gas and the world celebres right on the streets clubbed violently in broad daylight by multiple to pull riot police. Some offices beaten in return. Police blooded appearing to lose control massively outnumbered time this officer farming at point blank range hitting a teenage protestor straight in the chest. It marks the first time since this struggle began the to protest has been shot with live live ammunition things about unfair on the street in crowd the police replying with Tig. Maybe even fired live rounds into the AC doc. The citizens of this Chinese territory were told not to March today but they came out in droves tonight. Twenty five officers recovering from injuries more than hundred hundred ninety protesters arrested and millions in this city now wondering how this ends President Trump tweeted his congratulations to China Today on it's seventieth anniversary but he made no mention of Hong Kong but the Gulf between some of the people and the police is Nasser dangerously wide here. It's going to be hard to ignore David David Ian Panel in Hong Kong again for us. Thank you next tonight the alleged kidnapping and a front door in California home surveillance showing a woman banging on a neighbors door pleading for help police Lisa. Her estranged boyfriend is then seen dragging her away by her hair. They studied that video and where they rescued her. Here's ABC's Qena Whitworth tonight. The men in this video is behind bars. The terrifying attack captured on the neighbors. Doorbell camera police say the woman was running from her strange boyfriend. She's kicking and screaming as the man grabs her hair violently drags her away and threatens to kill her. It happened in this neighborhood in Arcadia California just before midnight. Sunday police got the video on Monday and moved in rescuing the woman and arresting twenty-seven-year-old Robert Robert Michael Mendez who police say was holding the woman against her will in his home. The video was turned over to police by the homeowner in this case but the company ring has has video-sharing relationships with more than four hundred police departments across the country what they call the New Neighborhood Watch and David Mendez was booked on charges including attempted murder kidnapping and false imprisonment woman was so badly hurt should be taken to the hospital David Keanu Whitworth. Thank thank you. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are suing a British tabloid tonight for publishing a private letter that the paper claimed Meghan wrote to her father after he missed the wedding Prince Harry A and his words making news tonight about his mother Princess Diana and what he now fears for Meghan. ABC's Maggie Rulli traveling with the royals in Johannesburg tonight tonight Prince Harry's lashing out at the British tabloids as he and his wife Meghan wrap up their African tour issuing a blistering statement about how the tabloid tabloid press treats her writing behavior destroys people and destroys lives put simply it is bullying which scares and Silences People Harry announced a lawsuit against associated newspapers and their publication the Mail on Sunday accusing them unlawfully publishing a private letter sent by Meghan to her father Ferrari to launch which this statement in the middle of a royal is an unprecedented Naiman for member of the Royal Family Harry. Who's evoked memories of his mother Princess Diana on this trip with the tour through a minefield also did so his statement referring to the night in Paris when she died in a car crash chased by Paparazzi saying my deepest fear is history repeating itself. I lost my mother and now I watched my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces the Mail on Sunday says it stands by story it the vigorously David Maggie our thanks to you as well in the developing headline involving North Korea tonight they have reportedly launched short range projectiles toward the E. C. The launch comes the same day the US North Korea. Just announced plans to meet this weekend to resume nuclear negotiations. There is still much more ahead on world news tonight this Tuesday Tuesday here in New York City the urgent search at this hour for swimmers missing off of a beach also tonight alarming video at famous zoo visitor climbing into the lion's den appearing talk the lion where this played out and then the awful image tonight a woman seen keying a car in the school parking lot only this time it was actually recorded because the car had cameras while the father posting this scene one hundred thousand times now they are searching for that woman a.

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