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All right. let's bring in. One of my favorite guests is the voice of a hollywood star. The laugh of. I don't even know what the best laugh at. Espn and i think. Nick fidel i think it's time to retire. The bulls suck beat. Because i don't think the bulls suck anymore. That was your beat for a while. And you're the perfect guest for this podcast because we're going to talk about the fight in chicago bulls reinventing themselves with a spasm a spasm of transactions and then their old coach the gruff one. Your old buddy. Tom dibitetto and the new york knicks. Who had an active off. Season knick for del how are you sir. It's good to be with you buddy. Had i i had to laugh because the day the bulls are making all those moves. My phone is blowing up with all these people saying. Hey you come back here. I'm like no but my mom. My mom who has turned into a gigantic bulls fan through the years. 'cause you watch all those games since i got to chicago. She sends me a text says bowls or back. And i'm like they are are we sir. The bulls are back. I appreciate that. They've made all the moves. I think it's gonna be interesting as hell to watts everything. Play out. But i still skeptical that. I just feel like they're all in for like the six or seven c. You can't ever did. You've you're scarred you're skycam every they happening exactly what's he told me because if you think about what happened. I don't want to do the whole thing. But they have this magical team rose. Dang noah injuries and age break it up and then the tips sing goes haywire and then hoiberg comes in. Rose gets the orbital bone injury next year. it's the three alpha's that was a disaster except they almost won a playoff series up to against boston and first round then they decide you know what we don't want jimmy butler into cola mirror digital bunch of cap space and draft picks. We don't wanna patriot. Butler that's rebuild the rebuild kind of fails and they'll they've pivoted from the revolt rather artfully into this sort of middle or whatever. Should we review. Should we review. What who's under. The i feel like we've reached supporting their off-season where i need to actually write down. Roster should we go over the roster. Let's do it. There aren't a lot of players on the roster to begin with which which is somewhat worrying to me. The big splash. Of course at the beginning was the sign trade for lonzo ball which i loved. I think he's a great move out went to him. I sat are an outlet. Garrett temple came lonzo ball and a four year eighty five million dollar deal. Fair then. Came alex russo for the equivalent of the mid level exception. Like that deal too. That's good value for a good two way player. Twenty seven years old about his old. As zach levine fits right in nicely lonzo ball. It's important that they got a young player because they've hemorrhaged a lot of their young players over the last few years so that's important and he stopped. There's cotin we traded two draft picks and an interesting player wendell. Courtesy for nick virtue instinct. Play worked in the plan. But we're filling smolder fill in some gaps. We're getting some good two-way players. Get some defense in grit around levin and you are not known for their defense and then bam out of nine not out of nowhere out of somewhere but out of out of almost. Nowhere comes demar derozen. Three years eighty-five million out goes another first round. Pick with a big protections on a top ten and aide out goes that is young trade value real trail. Watch the spurs flip thaddeus for first round. Pick in a few months out goes el camino. Didn't did not have much trade value. We now have like eleven or twelve guys on this roster depending on a couple of things. We have the young. Let's call them the young part of the roster the twenty five and under has been reduced to lonzo ball. Kobe white whose role on this team is now unknown to me. And patrick williams. Who's massively important. Then you have the mid career guys. That's like the levin caruso group and then you have the pastor thirty plus guys will call them in dhamar and vukovich three all stars of recent vintage levin derozen. Which i would presume mr fidel. Their starting lineup is lonzo ball. Zach levine dhamar. Derozen pat williams. Nick vuckovich would you agree with that. And what did he. What are your i mean. Whoa whoa that's a. We got a lot of stuff going on here. What are your initial thoughts. The first thing is in agree with you on the starting lineup. But the first thing. I thought especially after the derozen moves acquis man. Things are really really different. Because you and i have had the conversations about the bulls for years and years. And there's just no way in hell garen packs would do these kind of deals. 'cause they always valued the picks more they all the bulls don't have a first round. Pick for zillion your they cannot trade a period right now i think they traded to what became the eighth. Pick to orlando and like they're not putting these teams are coaxing light protections out of the bulls. These aren't top fifteen top sixteen top eight top ten. Whatever it is like these are good picks. And that's the scariest part to me. Is the complete shift chains taken place. I was actually just in chicago couple of weeks ago and man at city in the summer is just unbelievable. I love it. But i'm talking to all my old friends in the organization and they really liked karnisovas and they really like every and they really believe in what they're doing but my question to bulls fans and my question if the front office sydney right now is you now made these moves. You traded away.

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