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Out Cincinnati's direct diamond importer right here on Montgomery road across the highway from the Kenwood Towne center check it out for yourself twenty twenties here celebrate the new decade the big way with a big old diamond from genesis diamond all right back to traffic yes Sir what does Mignon mean I have no idea we had the road Mignon yeah as in full a Mignon it means delicately pretty off on that night yes which will hopefully Madonna don't say let's delicately pretty in fact I like a big one definitely it's pretty good give me a big delicately pretty steak in a box the all right driving was what's up from the you see how traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care and outstanding patient experience is something in seventy five getting heavier through Westchester slowing just below Cincinnati date wrote in to share and build it again through the lock on split on east bound to seventy five report of an accident near Colerain Avenue I don't see a huge to lay there and just her to dispense for east to seventy five at seventy five in Sharonville some checking into that crews are cleaning up wrecks on Montgomery just below two seventy five and one in Norwood on Montgomery near Delaware is a wreck on Madison at Erie chucking from newsradio seven hundred WLW hi forecast we have sunshine this morning and clouds this afternoon and what's love got here will stick.

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