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So yeah this I love this favourite corner was recently warned the Human Rights Campaign Barack Obama how'd that feel powerful speech by Jonathan del Arco on equality taking the road less traveled and demanding to be seen how does that it does that feel. I kinda cried a little when I when I saw it. I mean I had campaign for him. I know we're Obama. Surrogate like all the hot people were voting when my access the they were so terrific that campaign you know they and not all I can say they're not. They're not all equal in this what I call Star fuckers you know in the hottest smartest most amazing. Obama surrogates there in Washington and we were all treated equally as my point star. I was like lead a AH procedural yeah and care. We're all together like we're a team of artists that we're knocking on doors and were included in in in the family and they're just a class act. Mamas are just sucked yeah so she'll cry now. Cry Class Act. Let's let's go through through that. Because how do you path is so interesting so hey you were born in the country. I can't pronounce exactly what do I. I heard the speech going. Fuck that up tomorrow night okay did they call it a gay too because it's so from me to you put gas in but so you New York City. This is so amazing graduating from high school. You got an torch song trilogy. Aja like right away. I was a hustler. I was out there. I had my I started wanted to be an actor around sixteen. Yeah and my parents were very they're like do whatever you want so I would take the train into the city to study and then I would. I would try to go see Broadway shows when I could afford it find a cheap ticket and I saw torch song. I saw Brighton Beach Memoirs which were the two roles and had shows that rolls for me and so I would go to the box office and drop off my head shot and just like random got an audition for it and got the job and do Harvey firestone coming in your dressing. Oh my God harvey so funny and he used to come in and say hey. Hey Kid you gay yet. We like not funny out yet. Noah's now so I hear I was touring with this amazing gay playing and we were having these sold out houses people would like the gay community in Philadelphia bought out the entire theater and showered us with rose. I mean it was over the top like major drag. Queen Win Situation Rupaul situation of very elaborate a very elaborately and I was still not out because I was well frankly. I was scared because AIDS just coming out. Is this when you were with the boyfriend that had all right. I was with them right after okay. Yeah I was literally out of high school when I did Torch Song because you had this success and then you were back waiting tables right right away. Wow Yeah so okay. That's The New York though that happens all the time Yup yeah he no no I know but then so when that's when Chad Griffin called you up and ask you to work on an environmental campaign Sunday my friend Robredo so that was like I I was in. La At that I came to La after after Broadway and after Eddie past and had good success for about five years and gones had had a good body of work and then it dried up and I had literally three dollars left in my bank account and I got the job Chad but so where did that come from like where did political. It's crazy to play with Anna deavere Smith about the American presidency and I became. I got bit by the bug I was like. This is like as much fun what is being an actress yeah politics all all her work is interviewed. Bay So yeah we're working with like interviews with all these political people and so that was like my experience was having. Anna's is play and I saw I ran into her at Lawrence partying. I said literally I've worked with. I've done about three different projects with her. She's amazing yeah so that's how I met Chad and he I think he hired me on my interview skills. I was like I've never done this before but I really want to. I worked with Anna who just didn't Rob's movie and they hired me and I was great at it and so I kept doing Morgan more campaigns with them so you did then you five political camps got sucked into this whole Sutton Activism Yup so so then you talk about how that got you more so than did you out again. Because I know yeah I came out. I was like yeah shave my legs. I'M GONNA play transsexual on NIP and Tuck totally. I was at that point in my personal. Life was my strength right. I was born in the political aspect of that yeah then I didn't really care what people in the industry thought about me being looking or a lead or any of that shit you know I just Barnaby an actor and so I shared my legs and played Safia Lopez interestingly enough. I could not do now because you know there's a whole movement of actors not playing trance right which is fair. I think that makes accents so I got a chance to do that. You are on the Sopranos then. Did you get wacked. No I was a bad ass priest actually yeah. I actually gave them Shit Yeah. Oh ooh that was a tough priest fantastic. I Yeah I love that you said you weren't wasn't a character in Star Trek and now you're the really on the closer right. I'm Jay Corner near very corner gay like a computer guy where you just like move. Nobody else knows that they're doing but me a totally no time no oh time for straight and competence. Dr Morales was like the role and just like. Can we please get it together cleaning when you're explaining circuit parties to them Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah. My favorite line was my first line on that on the closer where Cura comes in then there's the old man on the table on the Gurney and she said well what he di- of in case. I don't know maybe he looked into the mere thought why bother the guy's gay got clearly. This is the section where we talk of our love for Mary McDonald. She did happy hour so major crimes obviously spin off of the closer but she she's just wonderful. Is He's amazing. This is an actress as a human. She's a deep deep person. You know there's a lot this is so much in her heart you know yeah and she puts it in her work which is just amazing and all her work charity worker acting work Yeah Yup and like most people we had an embarrassing beginning because I sat next to hurt Francis Fishers play and I was an actress to beautiful right like the hair. No it's actually it doesn't look like a normal human like an idiot. I was like Oh are you an actress to prince this too and then I suddenly like You're dance with wolves passion fish and then. I just started like fish like Toronto just blurting out like Academy Award nomination it was amazing movie Alpha Woodward Amazing ordered you call it where she's not from Uruguay aw she might be but so in addition to acting. You're not just a gay activist. Your environmental activists civil rights activist so is that where that started the environmental part with the Rob Reiner and that whole campaign with Chad or I we had there was a a plot of land a huge swath of hills up in right Let's let's Burkina's up there that they wanted to develop in Virginia heinous they wanted to develop into a community and there were all kinds of environmental the mental effects it would have happened for it and we took on a big bank and had we won. That state bought the land. It's now open space. Can you regulations or as because you know more opportunity for Fire Amazon. slow-burning people think we can go backward on this. Many issues not just climate gay rights every single thing I mean there's an Obama surrogate. It's what an amazing time. What what an amazing you know the hopeful time and you just think this backlash is worse than even an I thought it was going to be about. I kept saying during the campaign as bad as you think it's going to be. It's going to be worse. Even I could not have imagined this whole shit show crazy yeah. I feel like massive. Nelson's is a play you know yeah I think like when you come trying to like not not be motionless allies like how doing it right and like there were a lot of elements like I feel like those rallies repeats words over and over again and that's actually the the basics of hypnosis yeah different each of the same thing I mean. It's the same that's why he did. He ties them gum and of course if base interests and then there's based interest interest yeah gut instinct on about the other about sort of exact horrible immigrants and right Blah Blah right but you told me that that's one that actually won the tweets that you read on the air was you you talked about your family coming here as immigrants and needing assistance when we were on welfare and we are on food stamps and I think we were a great investment. You were super good Hold please. I feel the need to testify about flexitime again. You know why because it is the most of all of my products really yeah yes the thieves. Everybody's plex derm hiking. We have a flex during party yeah well. Why don't we fill your swimming. The the benefit of having an actual love life like other sexy liberals bright like Francis Afr- Angela and Jody Hamilton and right proud resister. I don't even have a partner and yet my my plex. It earned gets from me. I put your name on. I go home and my husband's like who are you. WanNa sleep with. You know going upstairs and what what what happens. I gold stairs bathroom because we know plex. Turn around your house. Exeter Visibly Eliminates Your Wrinkles Crows feet and under eye bags in just minutes. I got news for are you. All are a lot older than when we started this show too. I know well. I'm about to go upstairs and take your term. Yes seven when we started this show. Oh I've seen right eye looked like Sean Sean. You're going to be here till you need plex. You're gonNA look like me one of these days. You have that to look forward to. I Like Elizabeth Warren. I have a skin plan for that. Thank you gotTa Skin Plan. Yeah thank God you're welcome okay. wrinkles crows feet under bags. What this gives you the edge. You've been looking for right. I didn't believe I didn't believe it. I right. I was like I do know. Relay's things don't work out how much money in the past the ass that's my sister just said they're like nothing. I've ever I used works. Guess what works plex plex can give you the confidence. You need to be yourself at work. Well don't be yourself then. We'll be better than who you be. Best would be bounced crap out the best exactly okay. The best part is flexible. Flexible is unclear so wanting to know what you're using except that we keep telling everybody the secret and then if you're so inclined you can put make up on top of it there. You go okay. Oh is that how you have that crystal clear complexion of yours is.

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