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The us embassy to jerusalem the following day the palestinian population will be celebrating what they call mac but day which is the day of catastrophe as they call it for the establishment of the state of israel the american embassy in jerusalem is an existing building that was a consulate office and so in essence just changing the name on the front for now is that correct that is absolutely correct why is this important israel it's not so much the changing of the sign that the symbolism the fact that it's jews some always well received the transfer of the embassy to jerusalem as the us recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel which you will know is not shared by many other countries who view israel as being as jerusalem is being occupied and contest the fact that it's israel's capital fizzy be protests tomorrow in front or nearby this us embassy ceremony well there is plans by peace now to hold some sort of protests nearby but you can imagine the security is going to be very heavy and i doubt that they'll be able to get close to the embassy compound or where the ceremonial take place and we could see some violence it's very hard to tell what is surprising is up until now we haven't seen any sort of comments from the elbow concerning tamaz embassy transfer which is interesting because if you're a member when president trump i mentioned the transfer of the embassy to jerusalem there was outrage within the arab world and they all seem to be pretty silent the countries surrounding is concerning masters to and what about this idea that because the americans have now moved their embassy that somehow this discredits stem isn't he any type of a fair broker in the region.

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