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I was diagnosed with with the chronic lymphocytic leukemia and i for eleven months i believe that and i lived in fear not fear like i'm going to die and pour me and all of that kind of thing just sort of a subconscious feeling about oh my god how did this happen and i had this experience with john of god who down and you did a whole show right as a farmer who does this for no money and and i'm going to go see for myself because john yes so let's let's finish the story though so i i had a friend from bulgaria her name is reina 'pisco via she's a medical doctor and in california and i is urgent and she flew down that she wanted me to go with her because she found out i had leukemia john of guy i had heard of john of god but i didn't know that much about them you know and i was on the fence about it because there's so many people who charlotte ten yeah but anyway she got down there and she called me and she said take a picture of all dressed in white when you go down their own you only dressed in white everything isn't what and take a picture from the front from the back from the side from the side and send it down we did that she emailed them down there she took the pictures to john of god she said would you do surgery she said he said to her i can't because he's not taking these herbs especially herbs that you take so she fed ex i'm god bless her and she went in to a fedex office from down in brazil near brasilia got these things fedex step to me on a on a tuesday the herbs i took the herbs and a special water and did all of the things that i was supposed to do and we took the pictures again and she said your surgery will be it was on my mother's ninety fifth birthday so that's why i remember so so much april twenty first and so i had the surgery and i i didn't feel anything i went to bed i drank the water i did everything that i was supposed to do i woke up the next morning and she called me from brazil surgery i don't know i just had the survey surge i was in maui different time zones i know i was a skeptical is the is anybody could be about this you know and some people because this is will i know how this sounds sound like it sounds crazy so anyway rain reina 'pisco v calls me from down in aba johnny she had the surgery i had the surgery now the surgery this is a guy who can do surgery two thousand people in a room at the same time this is not he he is not somebody who does the surgery okay he doesn't he doesn't remember any of it that he does you can watch them vote he goes he gets into this thing and he he picks up these instruments and you can actually see pictures of the entities that enter his body as he as he does this i know when you're going down there you'll see i'm going down you'll get a whole show on every time i've heard about him or talked about him or even written about him in the magazine it has been through somebody else's fis and i keep hearing these stories in direct experience a direct experience so i so i went to bed i didn't feel anything nothing changed i took the herbs she said you'll wake up the next at seven o'clock she told me what ten the surgery was at seven o'clock she said you'll get up at eight o'clock and then you'll drink some of the water the blessed water and you'll go right back to bed for twenty four hours let's get you the surgery part okay the surgery is just it's a remote surgery i mean it was twelve thousand miles from where i was so it's you know i don't i don't know what happened these are entities they don't have any form they're just the spirits that that enter his body it's been going on for forty years tell you a certain time to lay down a certain way to lay down just go to bed where white just where everything is white we'll drink the water take the herbs and and don't have sex and.

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