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All right let's keep lying oh yeah we got more video single person that would not vote for hillary clinton for president one hundred million zero so was clearly hyperbole which let's say it was high purply list of about ten about we say it was hyper bolic divided by ten one hundred million about about ten i'm pretty sure ten million zero divide about ten is still zero you couldn't think of a single assessable vote for her for president before you interviewed her and while you were supposed to be investigating her congressman clearly that's not the truth clearly i could invision millions of americans who are likely and did vote for then kill you wrote it by sir did you did you write that right that sir expression engaging in hyperbole are you under duress asked and answered over and over again the gentleman will suspend the general from south carolina controls the time we're going to go into one other time period may seventeenth 2017 bob molars appointed your friend jim thome he's been fired already leaked memos whose wall professor friend and muller special counsel do you remember how long it took for you to start talking about impeachment after bob muller was appointed i don't sir one day one day and you were talking about impeachment and for anyone who may have missed it the day after his appointment agent struck you did it again five days later now how many interviews that you've done as part of the special counsel team within the first five days of his appointment surrogate same answers before i can't get into details write in the answers also the same zero know interviews have been done i don't know if that's true or not no interviews had been done by august eight when you're talking about stopping him and how terrifying it would be for him to win and how you can protect the country and no interviews have been done before you're talking about impeachment of the president muller kicks you off of the investigation straw my question is if you were kicked off when he read the tech shouldn't you've been kicked off when you wrote them not at all well it wasn't the discovery of your techs mr struck it was the existence of your bias that got you kicked off nova sakata it wasn't i do not have bias my personal opinions in no way then why kept army how'd you get kicked off mr galley my understanding why was kicked off was that base sanding those texts and the perception that they might create hang hang on hang on a second you're saying it was the perception there thirteen democrats on the special counsel probe including one who went to what he hoped was victory party that's a perception problem too they weren't kicked off you are why were you kicked on mr gatty i cannot speak to special counsel mode did you talk to he did or how long did you talk to when he let you go in the sense of the question the opportunity.

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