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I don't think I don't think you need to carb load for a five K.. I think you're doing a marathon or maybe a half marathon. It's a it's something you can do you. I would say. Don't do it the first time right before your marathon and leg if you wanna see how like the the purpose of carb loading thing instead Because your muscles function on glycogen which they store within themselves and you have a finite amount of storage so same deal with your liver. Your liver holds a certain amount of luggage in but when it's gone it's gone and then your muscles can start making fuel. Aw from amino acids approaching but they're not as efficient with that so once you run out of that glycogen store your like if there is a noticeable difference. You hate everything and it feels like your body's kind of lake you have been crushed by literal wall. I I know this because I kind of balked a little bit on Saturday. He's like oh no so there is there is a role in in carb loading. It involves like some act like rest as well. Because you don't WanNa be using up that stored glycogen while you're walking around the city Donna. Walking tour of the day before you wear that so and it has to happen a couple of days in advance as well like you want to build up some stores but I mean you gotta that something that if you're GonNa do it don't do on race day for the first time do when you're doing your long runs. I and maybe it just involves flake being conscientious of the Neil choices. You're making the day or two before your event which is a good thing anyway. Just making sure that you are getting some good carbs with rails like if you have a smoothie. Recipes may be due OATMEAL again. Don't don't I was always i. I was GonNa say always told that if you're gonNA try something new and your diet like do during training get nothing new on race day. Oh God right now I have run into situations taper fitted. Yeah why what we do is we are tapering. Bring down towards the half Ironman so yeah rapier tapering down so like as our workout reduced the week essentially the week before yeah also so say race was on Saturday the Saturday before we start like okay. We're GonNA light past a moon but by say Wednesday Wednesday into Thursday would be like we're eating salads now and like yet because especially triathletes you do not wanna walk in like blow out like this is a real like they're so we would actually taper down our booth so like the day before we'd be giving you some high eyebrows Holloway ceiling and that was the only thing talk weird triathletes Hannah where triathlete that is not a thing I would ever do over in the pat religiously like before firemen. That's interesting. Do you guys ever consultative does where Dietitian when you were at some point before like the Internet where he was like weird years ago yeah. I wouldn't recommend that. Like obviously when you're if you're a tapering for an event you don't need to be eating quite as much as if you're if you're miles are like fifty to your sixty a week or something like high mileage. You're GONNA eat more when you're tapering. You're GONNA eat less because you're not going to be hungry like might might high mileage weeks I'm like I don't go to bed full because I can't get enough food into me so hungry. It's not that tired and not hungry that I'm tired has now taken over the ability to eat. So I'm Lando believe that happens Out Andrew you gotTa do marathon buddy tired overcomes eating. I can sleep if I could do that one but yeah I mean you need to reduce the amount that your by your body's going to tell you that as well and I mean people who are tapering for big event anyway are going to be like the mental load of neighboring for an event is so high that you probably just need to eat whatever you want anyway because you ran needs extra glucose because this year like oh my gosh. I think I have called like I was opening doors Kleenex before May may last month. Yeah I was like opening all the doors as if you have a cold. You don't come near hear me and I got sick. I was like running this Mary sudafed and I opted his leg. It wasn't great but I did it and I probably shouldn't have. But so we preparing for hard training or competition. What should you be doing right after? Okay so right after sandwiches burgers fries traditional. If you can tolerate sorry that yeah ever ever big race it was always from. What's the best way to recover? Basically like nutritionally. Can you give me the Like is this like this is like a hard. This is a hard training session higher training. Okay so let training two hours plus okay. So you're gonNA need some food and you're gonNA need some water Do those things eat and drink. I would look look for easily Digest cards especially if you have another hard training session coming up Like the next day or something. Make sure what you're eating can get absorbed absorbed and that you're not gonNA throw your game off for the next day like you're at a competition or whatever. Make sure you've got some protein to help with recovery. Because if you've put into hours of hard work you probably broke down some muscle and depending on how. Yeah I guess nutritionally prepared you were and you might have your body made of started using some of that muscle as fuel. So that's something that our bodies issue because their bodies want to survive so they will start breaking down your muscle if you're not adequately fueled so replenish that so a snack. That's got some protein in some carbs in it is a great option and some liquid. You can have some fat to keep you feeling full because otherwise you'll be like I just I can't get enough food in math arts doing so the out of something that's kind of nutritionally dense and has some good vitamins minerals What are your thoughts on shopping? Look at okay so from a nutritional standpoint for after an event. I think it's actually pretty good because it's got those good carbs it's got some protein. It tastes good it salty. It's it's got some sodium in itself. You've been sweating replenishes. Some of those left relates I think you could do the same with a glass of chocolate. Soy Milk If you are not a dairy person Do not appreciate the marketing geting event as a recovery tool but I do think it like nutritionally does make some sense I think you could also university I mention anything. Thank banana a banana with moody wrapped up. an-and Pizza Ham. That's delicious Hannah. OBT Law Yeah. Have there would be a good idea was always. Oh Gosh I remember doing like Tangail once and it was very hot in repeats at the finish line. Yeah no one wants this. Everyone wanted except for me. My go-to stole oatmeal after the big trends is like the first thing. I put on an oatmeal two to three eight whites and banana.

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