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Of New York radio stations we have forty one degrees and cloudy skies a two o'clock good morning I'm Steve greenfield covert nineteen cases are pushing hospitals in the city to the breaking point Aaron Katersky reports the emergency room at Brookdale hospital in Brooklyn is crammed we have long been out of space for patients in emergency departments lately Dr Dorian Alexander said more patients are showing up critically ill patients who on the very last breath ventilators and oxygen are running low we would always wonder as clinicians how we going to make it the next day but we've been making it day after day after day the city is preparing more beds for the unyielding load of patients aren't kept her ski ABC news New York there will soon be a new test for coronavirus which will provide results in minutes rather than hours or days the test from Bobby sphere incorporated was given emergency approval by the FDA the company called the test approval a game changer it's slightly faster than the one from Abbott laboratories which was approved last week that companies test takes five minutes instead of two minutes to come up with the result an indoor training facility on the grounds of the U. S. open tennis center in queens is being transformed into a temporary hospital to help the city deal with the surge of virus patients James flipping reports mayor Blasio says while he's looking forward to the day when people are once again playing tennis on the courts of the Billie Jean national tennis center and now represents an important step in the gold the triple the city's hospital capacity whether it is in a place like the Javits center or place like this tennis center or hotel we know how to make any number of buildings into a hospital matter days an Elmhurst hospital already dealing with overcrowding will soon be able to send patients to the tennis center not folks who need ICU care but other coronavirus patients relieve some of that pressure immediately James Fulton W. O. R. news family friends and those in new Jersey's cliffside park school district are mourning the loss of a beloved thirty year old school coach Ben a Luther taught and coached varsity baseball in Bergen county and himself was also a former student athlete after feeling sick on Friday he went to a hospital where he was given antibiotics and oxygen then sent home but he ended up passing away Monday morning early because of complications from covert nineteen his wife also tested positive for the respiratory illness the Empire State Building is honoring healthcare workers during the pandemic as Lisa G. reports the top.

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