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I wanna walk outside my family. So how is the sea here? Are you scared on the way you're talking. So this is a story that I wrestled with all day today. Ah, Steven Jackson, former MBA star double down on the anti Semitic comments he made last night and throwing support behind the Eagles to Sean Jackson to Sean Jackson. A day ago came the light of Various social media post. He put out over the past few days in which he tried to attribute a quote to Adolf Hitler, in which the quote talked about how white Jews are going to bring about the destruction of the earth. And there's going to be a battle and Blackmails and the black race has to do something to fight back against it. Hey quoted Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who was that many anti Semitic things over the course of the past his career really the past 2025 years. And to Sean Jackson find himself in a lot of trouble. He went out and apologize. And now his status is up in the air. Will the Eagles keeping Will they not? You know, the Eagles are sitting around saying Well, we're going to keep what's Let's see which way the wind blows. So then Steven Jackson, former MBA star who was front and center during the George Floyd at aftermath of of his killing, and all the positive things, he was able to say, Look for me or George Floyd. It could have been me if I was driving down the street. And the cops didn't like the way I looked or something else. And he helped. Ah, very powerful message and craft of very powerful. Look, I'm a former NBA star has made a lot of money. It could have been me in this situation. Well, the images with him and George Floyd's kids. Oh, yeah, he was He was one of the faces off this new movement in the United States and say, Listen, we cannot condone racism. We can't do this anymore. We all need to stand up and fight it. And he goes on social media last night and says that to Sean Jackson was just trying to tell the truth. And people want to stop us from being from educating ourselves, and it's and it's Whoa. He's first of all. It's a fake quote he was trying to attribute so it's not the truth. Secondly, you're backing up the fact that to Sean Jackson wanted to quote Adolf Hitler, who committed a genocide In 19 the 19 forties. You really want to say I'm using this time to make my point about what's going on in the United States today. So Steven Jackson became part of the story last night, and he remained part of the story today when he did an Instagram show in which he doubled down on his statements about how he felt about some of the of the Jewish faith. And it was shocking and it was insane, and I thought for a second while he's going to say something where he's going to back away from this ridiculous take, that's embarrassing for him and everybody else know he doubled down and even went conspiracy theory. Take a listen. You have not yet said to me that no Jews are not trying to divide the black community. You know this? For fact, Yes. I can see that, in effect are certain Jews so did in dividing the black community. Just like certain other higher ups are okay. So you just said That was the fact that you just said that Jews on the richest, you know, the Rothschilds are. That's a specific example idea, but the but they just rolled on the banks. They on all the banks. They don't all the banks down a lot of banks, but the Rothschilds the the Rothschilds aren't reflective of the entire Jewish community. No, no, no, no. I'm not saying that, but that's correlated to money. So this is Steven Jackson throwing out this conspiracy theory that the Rothschild family who was who have been bankers for 300 years that do control because that's what they do their bankers. Now they control all the banks and the biggest stereotype you can have for a Jewish personal look at this. It's about money and been controlling everything, and he continued on with this rhetoric today. And he threw Mohr anti Semitism on top of anti Semitism, and I was embarrassed and I was upset, and I was embarrassed because hardly any other athletes stood up to say, Hey, come on. Steven Jackson's just wrong. This is ridiculous. We have two very eight. We can't fight hate with hate, but we didn't get that. We finally got a couple of players today to say things and and thankfully they did, And that was awesome. But for the entire day yesterday, most of it many people who wanted who were very vocal Khaled during the Drew Brees controversy and rightfully so, because Drew Bree said something that hey, you can't get away with that without understanding. What what you said. And what you think about how he doesn't want. He has no respect. People who kneel during the national anthem. Drew Brees was was under fire for a while, He listened to people understood. I apologize. I was wrong all of these different things, but he was under attack right away, and nobody said anything. About to Shawn, We have a statement from the Eagles. We had statements on social media for me, but we got nothing from athletes, which was really embarrassing was really embarrassing, because, well, what was the big message of the last couple months If you're silent, your compliance right and we didn't get a lot. The only thing that was out there for days. Sean Jackson was Steven Jackson, who wants to peddle this conspiracy theory that that there is some kind of war coming and And White Jews want to be able to control everybody. And you know, this is when I looked. I looked at my computer this morning, and I said, How much do I really want to talk about Steven Jackson? Because if I thought that there would be a solution here that could help well, like with Drew Brees and some other some other people who have said things that that they didn't really understand or were under some kind of mistaken impression of what a phrase mentor differently. If I saw that there was room for a for growth, I would say. All right, let's continue to talk about this. But when I see a guy who wants a spittle peddle conspiracy theories on this, that's dangerous that you're just giving somebody mohr of a platform to be able to spread that. And do you think Steven Jackson's one person that say you need to listen and learn about things?.

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