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Party was parties. Coming up actually. There's a lot of meetups this coming week and we have one report. This is from fort myers which took place on sunday seven eleven and we got and it's not play and what the hell is going. John assist man of norris town at the fort myers. Meet up where we are awaiting the ten thousand indictments sir. Edward jacobs night of the appalachian piedmont. I'd like to think. Tony crews from north carolina for hitting me the amount back in two thousand eight. And the ron paul. A group Thank you very much cosmo. Hey guys this is sir. Jacob guardian bloomberg coast now a floridian gamesville mail and address and john. Cena more akio me fifty bucks. What should the gw just making sure everybody here at our meet up is not a douchebag. Thank you order to a rebecca and greg. Here sorry i Meet up glad to get to know everyone here and great listeners. The show looking forward to many more practice this one. Hi guys this kasha me back. But i'm not a dame just your typical rogin. I turned. John turned down those speakers. Just a tad as vojtech and it's nice to be here. I'm here is because my wife carol in the morning. Hey i get the award for the furthest drive three hours thirty three minutes. Thanks john morning everybody. Here's a list of meet ups coming up today. We have the denver area rain stick victims. Meet up at city park denver museum of nature and science charlotte's thursday thursday monday. Meet up. they'll be tonight. Seven ed's tavern the houston new alpha variant. Lon a luncheon at noon on saturday at the rodeo goat also saturday the boj side and free ivermectin giveaway. One o'clock at miller's ale house The deducing extravaganza in charlottesville virginia at the lazy parrot. The upper chesapeake slaves meeting three thirty pm at hopkins farm brewery in hover. The hot pockets. Two thousand eight kickoff tenth anniversary six beers and goat brewing in fredericksburg virginia are good old buddy cerqueira hill the hosting that the northeast ohio. Summer bash at five o'clock town tavern in union town ohio. The meek monthly meet up a drove the douche bags okay. That's at five o'clock at the peace river beer company and punta gorda florida. Got to be one of. You is in pediatrics. Five pm on saturday starbucks outside or inside oak street in portland portland the dots hop sorry the environmental racism. Meet up seven o'clock dots hop house and cocktail courtyard in dallas. The varna gary meet up five o'clock eastern european summertime sir. Kevin of irrigated ricefields is hosting that go to the website. No agenda meet ups dot com for information then on sunday july eighteenth orange county meet a part three attack of the mutants at noon brewery x. the springfield missouri superspreader event the delta variant edition. Five o'clock limburg's tavern Saint john new brunswick new brunswick canada no agenda. Meet up. Five o'clock at uptown pub down under beth. Ip atlantic time stranger than fiction's party at the moon tower in chicago. Three o'clock on sunday reggie's on the beach. Gitmo lowlands gives me get milan's summer beach day. Eleven am central european summertime. Invest in our schloss thrown. That should be fun and then fi. Well that'd be and then finally for monday. We have the based bowling at the boardwalk bowl. Santa cruz at the boardwalk bowl. Six o'clock those are just some of the meet ups that are coming up a lot more through the rest of july and august. If you can't find what. No one didn't beat upside com. Pick hit that button to create one and and they're always like a potty no agenda meet ups dot com.

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