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Yeah this is the one i love this video freaks me out sis video is so this shark's bay this is over on the north shore by wia may obey and it's really beautiful there's much reese brown there but the elevators these holes in the reef and this guy's looking into a whole i'll cut the audio dotty so don't get polled and this is what he's doing by the way i'm gonna start holding my breath now and see if i can do it good job like a minute long isn't it where you hold his breath and there's a guy behind him going like i guess i'll follow you by the way this makes my hands sweat can't do it look at that that's gopro i'm guessing by the way we did something similar to this you did yeah i've done something very similar to this number of times look at this by the way can i tell you a lot of times when i dove down that deep i run out of breath here and you're racing to the top that is fucking intense look at him he does it again he doesn't another one that's even more sketchy we did this thing i'll hit pause we did this thing in new zealand called the birthing canals and so we went belonging when you go into caves and it looked so timid and there is it there's two routes in this thing we went in you can go a very casual route or you can do like the more intense route so for tv they're like let's go the intense route i'm saying everyone we've all check this right we're all cool with this right now a gay stolley fine the first thing he says when we get off the beaten path into the caves and we're by the way we're in waist high water chest high water at some places he's like and but we get there and he goes all right everyone in the birthing canal the birth canal is maybe as a little bigger i would i'm gonna ballpark at twenty two inches diameter only because i know that i've been in a whole similar to this i i did a spunk trip in austin where we had to repel down a whole for a hundred feet and it was twenty seven.

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