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It's not as good as it is when I'm there, but it's still pretty good. Sean talked to some leftist media folks from means TV the serfs who we recently helped get their channel reinstated to YouTube and non compete about leftist media and related topics. We also have a brand new show called pro cult hosted by producer AP, Andy where he talks about UFO's the paranormal the para political and the para social from a Marxist perspective. So check it out. Also. Oh, yes, we are having a fundraiser party for north Brooklyn DISA tomorrow in Brooklyn, kind of queens, Brooklyn. I dunno Bushwick Ridgewood at trans Pecos. If you want to support all the work that we're doing in north Brooklyn d say, you can buy a ticket whether or not you're coming. So I put that link underneath the YouTube are. Got my ticket. I don't know if I'm going to be able to come I might be able to. But I got the kids this weekend. But I got my ticket. So thank you. Check it out, folks. Matt literally hangover checkout took it out on YouTube. Subscribe to it. That's it. Oh, Matt wins the brevity contact us. All right. We're gonna take quick break. Right back with the fun half. Six four six two five seven thirty nine twenty say that my brain is still in recovery mode from taking in so many high level important ideas. This is. Joyce them. Spent? No, you can meet you. Some unnecessary stress has gone. Exactly. W. Here you predict.

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