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That's coming up soon. So it's probably already aired. So sorry, go to fuck and can't get near DVR check right now dot com. Maybe I'll put a clip. Yeah. We didn't talk enough about what we talk about the Rothschilds Bill like every. Yeah. Talk about that anti every antisemitic group blames the stuff on the Rothschilds. And the thing is interesting that that only half of them are right. Yeah. What about that? It's just like one of these things where it's like, I think back to Tim saying it's like, okay, you had a really successful family and they're okay. What's what's what's open up? Like let's try to create business in different countries and shit like that. But then the stuff that kind of gets batch it is like, and now we're going to have wars that we're gonna like three countries fighting other countries, wars a business in day. Understood that you know winning and losing. You can make money. Here's a reality, the situation, what's not, what's could or were they. Is a leap going, we realized we can make money this. Let's make money in arms or is it then the leap become, let's start a war so we could sell our on going. There will be wars. All Jews do this. The big that's not the benefit benefit because the Rothschilds they don't help me the real child's family that you know, this guy had four sons and they controlled in by the way Jewish people were forced into, you know, handling money because people looked at it as like an unimportant job. You know what I mean? Like that's one of the reasons that Jewish people traditionally in that role and and they're easily scapegoated and stuff like that. But the roads are fascinating family that did a lot of weird shit when it comes when it came to wars and lying about who won what war and would have been. There was there was a story. I think it was like, I'm not exact on this, but it was like France and England basically had had had a War. I think it was France and England, and and the world shots, I think spread back when you could do this, the information that France had lost. Did you hear about this or that. That's a conspiracy theorist that didn't really up go spread information that I think France had lost or deepening Bill. A horn. About the talk. Denver airport. But I think they spread the spread the information that France or England and lost or won the war, and then the world's been bought up all of the things because I think the because everyone's like investment others, and then it came out that they'd actually wanted, then they owned all this stuff. But I mean, it's stuff like that. It's good business. All I got was this. This William Randolph Hearst with marijuana game. I don't know anything about the so. Right killed off union workers is that is that he had all this money in lumber yards and newspapers, and he would make lumber for his own newspapers to and and then they start looking at hemp as a cheaper way to make paper. And he was like, let me tie in hemp with marijuana right time, have marijuana? All you do is make marijuana's seem like crazy thing. So he funded that marijuana movie was that one called thanking God damn stay. Reever mad and you see these like black men will fuck your white women and like you'll be fine. Piano semantically fast, or you'll eat glass bottles, and then all these people like, well, that seems real. It's moving image. It must be real, and then he was newspaper. We put out reports about terrible was and always congressman got to the point where it's like, yeah, we kinda makes legal right..

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