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The national journal why was easy to understand the forces drove a young voters to the extremes his hotel room to and how much they're willing to tolerate corbyn vote labour candidate from the united kingdom has been a lonely defender of various terrorist group has been under fire for tolerating creeping antisemitism within his own party melacou on raged against the global financial system like a from french revolutionary compared to these bernie sanders looks like a horton tea party activist american politics for generations was fought between the centreleft on the centreright between the forty yard lines of politics trope obliterated the dynamic unless jeers election and will likely fuel even more polarization from the opposition we could be witnessing growing extremism on both sides for years to come with future generation only expediting that depressing prospect the rejecting capitalism the rejecting democracy as long as the jeered polices and the democrats the progressive left in this country continues to push ever furthering leftward ever further left who was bullied said the more likely that somewhat jury pulled is running for go can we're not because he stands on principles not because he might or might not be a good businessman not because he is the leader lot because he's a good manager but simply because he promises free you're listening to the michael brown jio.

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