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First of all of our podcast going to have video. And we're going to splice in some fun stuff. And i'm sure the shows will get better as the go but a lot of times. We have a well fairly heated or hilarious interaction. You guys have said you wanted to see my co host facials and how they get tickled fired up. Whatever the case may be. It's coming to add free shows dot com tone of new content for instance one of the things. We just announced past weekend of so excited about is our championship belts hearings. We're going to talk to the folks who made these belts to actually originally designed. The are handcrafted. Them barely explaining exactly what the process was like discuss briefly. Who ordered it won't be thought oeste order how long would have taken etcetera etcetera manufacturing process. But then you get some beautiful four k. shots of the actual rings belts after the fact of course in between all the great memories and moment the half. And let's see lots of press clippings and magazine covers promo shots just the story of those iconic championships. It's all coming to an free shows dot com a boston starter. Show part of my collection including boots and robes. Things like that and something. We're calling the collection. Some fun comedy stuff. That i think you're gonna dig including nancy. Great friend of the show and independent wrestling superstar. Manse warner is going to try to explain illogical wrestling to our wives. That's right many of us have a wife and our life who is Well a non fan and we're gonna have bats water to make sense. Things like haiti or the chamber of horrors or the kennel in a sale..

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