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First that many number one but this is the first of many president donald trump is taking steps to impose new restrictions on chinese investment and slap terrace on tens of billions of dollars worth of chinese made goods we are in the midst of very major and very positive negotiations positive for the united states and actually very positive for other countries also the tariffs on chinese imports has sparked fears on wall street of a trade war and as a result the dow is slipping it's down two hundred sixty points this hour president donald trump's lead lawyer in the russia investigation is resigning amid a shakeup of the president's legal team attorney john dowd confirms his decision saying he loves the president wishes him well the department the departure comes several days after trump added a new lawyer former us attorney joseph degen noga who had been heavily critical fbi and special counsel robert mueller's investigation amid the shakeup though trump was quoted as saying he would like to testify before muller speaking of testifying facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says he'd be happy to testify before congress after it was revealed that data from up to fifty million users was used by political consulting firm hired by candidate trump east bay congressman eric swale well says he'd like to ask him questions under oath we should continue to understand the data operation that was put in place bring facebook and as well as other social media companies and finally use our subpoena power which the republicans will not use to subpoena the cambridge analytica documents so we can tell the american people just what happened this news report is sponsored by beach blanket babylon where can you find donald trump oprah wonder woman and kim jong hoon singing and dancing all under one roof at beach blanket babylon of course tickets available at beach blanket babylon dot com today i'm brett burkhart.

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