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Was good people. It's your boy richie rich against the men and welcome to another episode of black book. The podcast today. We'll go full house joy. I'm buying my man. Kill someone. Sanchez was going on people. Romy romy miss fi fi and this is a christmas special time of year where everyone gets. Merry bit wavy because chocolate chocolate on the menu. What's game on kobe plan. And just by the time of year well families get together quite big insane coaches not so much in others but of course when asked to solve with his. What does christmas mean to you. Want to start off well. I'm the biggest christmas fan. Hey i'm sorry about family. Food presents the food again. Food alcohol six and the baby still ahead okay. So what are we talking about them. My family is everything. No now say wa- table comes hinder eighteen tech. He got the lamb. Got the geest. Got the pheasant that runs across the road against everything so you have to make sure everybody on the tables causes to some mac and cheese and because over the years. Vegetarians have come into the family. Annex shifts piece of squashed on the table saw me to teheran than these new trends may see you accommodate all. Come on the table you know. Why rage pilots to keep everybody happy. Okay cool cool co. he's always say what's christmas like food. Food is well. Yeah we'll see what nigerian about. Gardening office definitely jello question. Those nigerian ghanaian joel a different general. I'm going to be biased. I'm going to say even nigerian going to say guardian. I think it because not julian stole. You've boise to the ones of have tried to the best of chefs senate. So you go there you go. That's why the nigerian dav had support. No one day. Say yeah say okay. Jell fries whilst more traditional dishes or stick to western so foods well for me mostly above some african on british <hes>. But may i just stick to my often the beef. Yeah and. I'm badgering man. That's the only time very often could notify mccollum. Run have some parliament members that just work twenty four seven were clue. Just just everyone around the daewoo into can be foolish. And yeah you know. That's what it's all about mary. Month sange war. As everybody else said food oversee we in was being jamaican and guyanese. So you obviously there's the or i don't eat red meat so no pork beef. Norrland orlando for myself. i'm. I'm just now missing christmas with a crack. How can you be trying to tell backing swine. Ccc the puck is still there and pat cap. Good to know you is there. S and p's the coleslaw. Mac and cheese rose chicken as mom cooks the alarm and the pork is obviously my mom. My siblings eat it. Yes what was he christmas being. I've got massive family myself under off. Kgo eight siblings. Pretty time is mad for you. Then kinda matter now got two nephews as well so the family graham very family orientated. So i see my mom's side of the family on christmas day. And then i have a second christmas on like the box. In the order. Twenty-seventh my dad's side of the family. Because my grandma still alive to this day fight. Gordon razor invest in ninety. So that's out of the family link-up hers because he's a little bit difficult now because of corona traditionally. That's what we do. So i see both sets of the family. The ones that are in this country anyway said food family music. Alcohol notice nobody. Nobody truly to still barrington levy on sanchez. Kicking him boy mobile missile for me. Christmas is all about say common together as a family in love all of that.

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