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Call how uh and really by and large this year there's been so many event that uh uh exceed actually asian that creditors and uh that that's really match because yacht work rdr expert at the bottom line is that the soft loans college fund so the more people that have these events the more my back he was jerry exactly all about scholarships for for folks that really can't find their way to college and sort of sold del we had sought to a jimmy malone for doing that for so many years now but what i like about what she did hear this kicked off last friday friday the 13th century mon wins have butcher and brewer win over like a in indicated the nautica clean was involved we had to cleveland a clear images the nice flavor of balanced easton ohio ales and rails last night i mean it's really cool but the way to cap it off is the big one tonight called rare at the wool steam conference center talk to me about that it well implies it's not just there when they we decide to call it something view yours truly are rare um and they're they're they're really represent the pinnacle of bring artistry and uh you store of reviews like that are made it very very small quantities and um sometimes we'll have our guest dr sabljak had i figure out how to spread haddock your but not not collectively you can you can't uh ever have plenty of these great years in a lineup and i guess one of my favorite line five you're dealt through your week this year's that you can goes you call the karni or you can see the beatles um and this is what it is the great collector of all these these fears that people that may be too curt about a red about and uh you know you'll you'll just maybe it never see again certainly they're not available for purchase they're they're really brought every leverage truck veterans uh our cells heiner's at our partners the link murdered certain distributors burillo leverage these partnerships to get these great years and and uh it's really it's more this morning just beer it's it's just the again thing artist user things that just a compelling in thrilling and really really big frank and uh but for.

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