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Von dr drew eight hundred two two two five two two two i believe here going yeah go ahead sorry i know he got someone on the line do you read this article though about the twelve deadliest jobs in california i just did in fact i want i want to give people a chance to guess what those jobs are because it's really very interesting we'll do that in a few a few but first we've got a report from dave alpert dave welcome back how are you thanks drew hi laurin and air dave so after more than forty years search they think they've caught the golden state killer they got him in custody up in sacramento yes this is phenomenal we were talking to a retired fbi agent about how crazy this has been and how much resources and attention but that's still a triumph even though it's been a long time i'm most blown away maybe the fact that he's a former police officer joseph di angelo yeah kill twelve people committed forty five rapes burglarized hundreds of homes across california from nineteen seventy six to nineteen eighty six the guy seventy two years old he was arrested in citrus heights california yesterday and the break in one of the nation's most notorious serial killer cases came after police match discarded dna octane from his home with genetic evidence from the crimes all those years ago the longest time i didn't know that the golden state killer was the same guy is the east area rape night stalker or the the diamond killer for years they didn't know it was all the same person it wasn't until the emergence of dna technology and that was in the late nineteen nineties that law enforcement was able to start making the connections and link this man to four unsolved murders in southern california and now all the other allegations we're talking to dave alpert westwood one news contributor we're also talking about the flaws in proposition fifty seven and how these flaws are resulting in early release of sex offenders and reversing convictions right there was an attempt by in the legislature on monday to close loopholes that are essentially letting sex offenders out of jail earlier making them eligible for consideration to.

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