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Five to your questions. Or get your calls reading Joni bad things happen. Apples in the mouth just cheese to love nine twenty five this morning. So travis. Yes. Chris have you seen that now on ways? You can get Sesame Street characters. No, I like that. Have you done it? I used to have Boyd band on my ways. Yeah. On ways. The ass you can change the voice. Larry put it in my phone tune. Right. So stupid. I love running. LV four. Yells. E did him favor and he just winning. You know, he has many jobs played again for Chris Z's on ways. If you wanna here. Didn't do all the listens. No, that's not true. Because I'm not a lot of airspace in between here radio bear radio. So as looking at some of this key Z is on something here. Okay. Kyle Korver in the twenty sixteen seventeen season which was not that long ago, three years ago K to five and a half threes a game and led the league at forty five percent. I'm just saying he was fourteen years old in. It was wasn't that long ago. Twenty fourteen fifteen. He led the league in percentage nearly fifty percent. He was taken six game. This man can make some shots. He's a seventeenth. Season is literally his seventeen south point. He needs to play defense. Well, yeah, that, that, that, that the liability we saw Korver in Cleveland, the liability for him on the court was on the other end. You're saying I watched him in important games build a house, he could shoot but important games. And you know as well as I know l z we've watched him important games in the in the end of his career these. Lou. Help him out. He's built a house with bricks. The consistent numbers tell a different story. I'm watching him is I don't care if it's against the Sacramento Kings. I'm talking about any important games. I watched him in the playoffs build a house. You're going to have to have. I'm not saying you're gonna have to have Kyle Korver, but have shooter, you're going to have to have Kyle Korver on your question. Get Vicomte Korver. I mean, if you look, if it's going to cost you pennies on the dollar, then yeah, yeah. I got one question for you and I have one answer for your aid. How many seasons derail employees? Eighteen guessing. And what was the couple of days ago, we celebrated him doing what hitting a big three that simple games overtime in game six but he was fired. Oh, no. Man. He wasn't playing no defense. He was. He was shots knocking down. But that's all that's all he was doing it. So season cow Korver did have the career of reality, but as far as shooters, concerned the numbers, the numbers, he can knock down that shot as well. So I get what you're saying key. But I'm just looking at a t lease trade to Memphis, which is always a rebuilding. They traded to Saul. They traded away my county junior. So that is looking to draft, you know, John Moran or something like that. The prey going to waive cow Korver. He's going to be available. He's gonna wanna go to a team with open. Looks familiar with the bronze say yo dog, I got like eight hundred thousand dollars you get this chip bam, I'm just telling you just it it's you're gonna you're gonna have to have a guy like that, because I'm trying to think of the best way to the Lakers have X amount of dollars. We don't know exactly what the number is quite yet, it's going to be somewhere between twenty three million thirty that it's going to be somewhere in that window, and do you go and buy another. Be plus or a minus. Or do you go get a bunch of CS and build your roster with some guys that and maybe Kyle Korver Steininger seal gig in half the you're gonna have to get not? And not just ACL Korver, you're going to have to get a handful be mine. It's not twenty three million. That's probably so. Yeah. Twenty-three. Let's say you pick up another extra whatever. And you you could get twenty three takes up almost all of your dough key. If, if you get some extra money from AD, however, they get it. You spend that twenty plus on your fourth guy, third guy, whatever you wanna call this..

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