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Up the four game series this afternoon at American Family Field. The Brewers. If they win. Today, they're back above seven games above 500 that would match their high water mark for the year. If you remember they were 17 and 10 right at the beginning of May. That was the best record in the National League at the time. They then went into that slump. They've clearly come out of that slump as they are on a good run right now, In fact, there back in first place in the N L. Central They are tied with the Cubs with the record of 32 26. But right now, the Brewers do hold the tiebreaker against Chicago because of the head to head record. But specifically, the Brewers made the move to acquire William Thomas and all good trades benefit and hurt each side. And the Brewers. Bullpen depth did take a hit when they acquired Willie Adama's because of who they gave up in JP Fire Ison and also Drew Rasmus. Um, but clearly, clearly the Brewers needed an offensive spark. They may have needed a spark. Beyond that, I can't tell you how often you hear people talk about the energy that Ademas brings and so far and I don't think this is a coincidence. The Brewers are 11 and three since Willie Adama's first joined the team in Cincinnati hitting coach Andy Haynes spent some time speaking with the media earlier today, I found it really interesting what he had to say about the impact that the Domus is making. The energy is it's real. I mean, he walked in the door and Cincinnati and you can see this guy, man. Wow. This guy has a very like authentic genuine way about him that He just has a knack like he's going to make people around and better, Um You know, he's just very like magnetic and And you know he has joy in his day. So it's just so awesome when he walks in the door and then Is that way all the time. Uh, so big addition to say the least. And then Offensively. I mean, this guy's like he's in that cycle, where He's had success. Um very talented prospect coming up. To the big leagues had success. Um, had some struggles, you know, which is, um, as we know, it's kind of part of the the path and then when that happens, he kind of has to reflected why that happens. Always. He's kind of back on this trajectory where I think we got him in a really good spot. Um Think the guy's a star man. I think it's really easy to see what this guy's capable of doing. You look at the skills you look at his His personality. I think this guy is a star in the making, and, you know he's a game changer for us like no coincidence. You know, we've Kind of like, start playing pretty good baseball and he walks in the door. This guys It's exciting player, man. I'm excited for us to have him. Look at his career numbers. And in some ways, there are some similarities to cast an era Now his lows have not been as low as lows of hero here. A has had a heart hears any. What? A buck 30 right now. That's not something that he is really experienced. But when you look at a Domus in his path through the big leagues, he arrived in 2018 with Tampa Bay and had a pretty big arrival. He played about a half season a little bit more than that hit 2 78 had 10 home runs and 34 R B. I's And then the numbers started dropping a little bit. He was okay in 2019, but the batting average fell. 2020 felt a little bit more. He didn't play as much, obviously actually because of the 60 game season. But when you look at the averages of the year And then this year in Tampa Bay. It was a flat out offensive struggle for him. He was hitting 1 97 when he got to the Brewers. How many? How many people called texted tweeted. When the when the trade was made, and the narrative was, the Brewers just gave up a couple that are really good bullpen arms, including their seventh inning guy for for 1 97 hitter. That people thinking that this was some sort of knee jerk reaction, just going way too far because the whole thing with trading Orlando RC and the handing the job to Luis Arias and all that just wasn't working. So this was an extreme reaction. That was that's what people were thinking when they saw 1 97 hitting shortstop. Walk into the Brewers clubhouse and You. You dig into it a little bit more. He did not like hitting in Tampa Bay at all. There was the pressure there with the fact that they want top prospects in baseball's play shortstop in the Tampa Bay system, so that was not going to be the long term job for for a Domus in Tampa Bay. Now he gets to Milwaukee. The job is handed to him. He's playing in a ballpark. That's a lot more offensive oriented, and it's working for In his 14 games with the Brewers is hitting 2 71. He's got three home runs 11 R B. I's as an 8 64 0 P s has brought tons and tons and tons of energy. And it just seems like it's exactly what the brewers needed at the time, and I thought, you know those comments made by Andy Games I thought were very telling on a number of different levels. Talk about him. Being a superstar. What he's brought to the team. Just it's It's been fun to watch him play, and he really feels like somebody who's going to be a core member of this Brewers team moving forward. You think about the core guys on this team, and he's absolutely in that spot. And so far, it's It's no. We said a lot small sample size, right? 14 games. Small sample size but those 14 games he has been pretty darn impactful for this team. All right, we'll take a break. We'll come back to the starting lineup for this afternoon's contest. It's the Brewers and Diamondbacks wrapping up the series..

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